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Good Morning Barbados! Summer Paradise videoshoot. Sunrise.

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Posted by Chuck


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ok I have to admit it, that does look like a summer paradise

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It's wonderful!!

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Feel warm and good when i saw this pic, especially when i'm sitting there with you!! Hehehe

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Love the picture :3 gorgeous ? SUMMER PARADISE ?

Vivian@HK's picture's gorgeous! Sunrise is always good, but never THIS GOOD. AMAZED;)

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sick pic! You really have some talent as a photographer, Chuck ;)

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Awesome picture! Been there, so beautiful this place! Don't forget to eat flying fish ;)

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Beautiful Place!

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woooow I cant wait to wath Summer Par

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Wow so pretty :D

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Quelle belle place...le vidéo va être parfait en rajoutant les gars de SP à ce décor!!

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I'm so fucking excited!!! hahaha, like before the album ;)... awesome Chuck

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Is beautiful :)

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jai hate dy etre..en avriil..jespère pouvoir voir le vidéo avant

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Such a beautiful paradise !

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awww it's so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Ohmygosh! That is gorgeous!

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I'm jelous! Its all snowy in Canada

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C'est beau Manifique ! :)

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woooowww it's really nice!!!!! :D

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Nice nice!

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Barbados...Barbados...Rihanna is from Barbados :nerd:

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Wonderful *_*

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wow amazing

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truly a summer paradise. :)

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Ouaah, trop beau coucher de soleil ! :D

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simply wow!