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Oh yeah! @pierrebouvier and me about to go on stage in Vancouver! Rock show!

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Posted by Chuck


Priscilla Escobedo's picture

Awww Pierre's face :)

MayraLefebvre's picture

Bee-a.utiful!!! xD

Rome SP's picture

a really great pic i have to say:))

Kristine Larin's picture

loll trop drole la face a pierre ! hahaha Nice pic les gars!

fortin1999's picture

Love this pic :)

Nada Mubarak's picture

Hahaha,So retarded & cute xx

Jonathan Redaelly's picture

man i love this picture so much

karla_4's picture

I want to go to rock show

FXChen's picture

coolll I like you very much

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laura97's picture

why you are sooooo hot?????? ? ?

Tuna's picture


Love ur face Pierre and chuck ur soo cute
love ur guys sooo hot

pulsario's picture

sooo cute!

Nicole 3's Simple Plan's picture

thats fantastic glad to see u had changed ur top chuck after what pierre had said about u both wearing the same sort of shirt in the same colours in the live chat yesterday was great getting to talk to u guys in the live chat

ville's picture

Hey Pierre... I love ur shirt... :D
Red n black...o it... ^_^

Jynii stinco lefebvre's picture

Yeah! :) I love you Chuck & Pierre sexys!

x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

Ha, awh, I love this picture!

Tam VM's picture

haha lovely faces :3 hope you had the time of your lifes :D

MaryOliveira_SP's picture

Guys you look amazingly perfect like always but you're freaking me out! Can't wait to see you! Only one month more

laura97's picture

you guys look great?
I love it ?

Patyto_SP's picture

love it! :)

LeslieA's picture

Ooooh yeaaah, vous êtes trop cool ?

germanSPastronaut's picture

awesome =)

lexie18's picture

Aw you guys aren't wearing the same shirt :(

Mimie Desrosiers Fan's picture

ahahahahaha LoL.. love this pic!! :D ?

Pechán's picture

Why is Pierre always surprised?

CaRiNa_5's picture

Pierre looks great!..:) ?

SPAstronaut_2's picture

You rock ;)

Charlie_Percussion's picture

awesome hansome guys X))

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