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Seb Gets Ready

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Posted by Amanderz


Mariion_12's picture

awesome!! *___*

Hazboun's picture

I want that guitar so bad whats it called?

Pierrezitha Bouvier's picture

very nice

peggy's picture

j'adore la guitare et seb aussi =)

Jynii stinco lefebvre's picture

I would definitely love you I love you so
:D? ? ? !

Nayara's picture

Hello Seb ;)

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Seb' :D ?

Optimist's picture

What to say? Just add a comment how Seb gets ready for jumping, singing, rocking, shouting!!! Aww just what he does on the show! =DD

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frida nabila's picture

SebLefebvre? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Aduska's picture

good photo

Tefi.G's picture

I love his guitars !

mishka's picture

? ? ? ? ? ? ? SEBBY.........? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

LeslieA's picture

Je suis trop une fan de tes guitares Séb! ?

EMILIE_7's picture

you look so great!!!

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the definition of perfection is right there, look! :')

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Thata's picture

Awww?wesomee ^^

lexie18's picture

Cool guitar

MariaSP's picture

you look good when you don't shave!!! you look sexy

Paige_3's picture

daaaammm!! Sexy on the loose =) nice picture

Sonia's picture

I like this're so cute :D

Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Ooh Je fonds èUè

maggi_SP's picture

I don't know why....but I really like this photo.

MonicaSP's picture

Elle est belle ta guitare *3*
Toi aussi d'ailleurs ^^'

tiff_hk's picture

great pose seb....but what were you doing with your hand?

LetLoveSparksFly's picture

J'aime trop ta guitare Seb ! O.o

SPAstronaut_2's picture

he's so beautiful :) *dies*

Anna_10's picture

You are so hot!