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Gotta brush them teeth before the show!

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Posted by Seb

- Sébastien. Mobile



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Nice necklace ;)

marie339's picture

belle photo :) :3

Franciane's picture

So cute! >.<

danni Crvants d&#039; Bouvier's picture

2 days ago Sebby answer to my tweet and i cant believe it! he makes me thee happiest person in the world.!

Nada Mubarak's picture

LOL, Cuuute !

Bea Bouvier's picture

i LOVE ur necklace

SPSavedMyLife_2's picture

Brushing teeth has never looked so sexy :3

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this is nice;) ! cuteee Seb?

MaiteSofia's picture

Cute, adorable, EVERYTHIG ! I love you (L)

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so cute lol. seb u are adorable

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sexy boy!!

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you are so cute ^_^

Nadja O.'s picture

the perfect smile for the show :D

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cute seb! :D

JADE.ERCILLO's picture

soo handsome even when brushing :)))

Julia_10's picture

DAMN you're HOT!

IldarSP's picture

Seb haha cool =) made in China?

azmosis's picture

tsk tsk. Electric toothbrushes are to blame for the laziness in this world

RiskaYanti's picture

soooo handsome :)

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awwww so cute!! *-*

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you look so beautiful seb :) and i like your collar

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awwwww so cute seb!

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you are so awesome! thanks for last night. it's so amazing! please come back to surabaya :)

_Alex_SP's picture

cuteness, cuteness everywhere...

Anne Enriquez's picture

shit baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your so damn hot sexy !! cant keep my eyes off this picture everyday.. ive just wonder if that was an electronic toothbrush..youre so handsome seb..i love you so much>>and also the puzzle necklace..

Nicole 3&#039;s Simple Plan's picture

ccute seb but ur right u need to bush ur pearly whites so we can see them all nice and clean when u preform :)

Oh and btw love the necklace too seb :)

tiff_hk's picture

this makes a perfect ad. seriously i would buy the toothbrush if this was an ad.

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Jynii stinco lefebvre's picture

you are so unbelievably cute
I love you My love seb :)