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Gotta brush them teeth before the show!

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Posted by Seb

- Sébastien. Mobile



Estie Anggreinie Pasi's picture

Go Brush Yey u look Awesome

SPAstronaut_2's picture

You're so cute!

Sonia's picture

Pouah....t'as l'air sérieux !! Faut vraiment que j'taime beaucoup pour commenter une photo de toi en te brossant les dents :D Et en passant....j'adore ton collier :)

Jane_SP's picture

you are very beautiful!

Véro_'s picture

J'te dis!! ça nous prend vraiment rien pour être heureuse ;)

SimplePlanet's picture

(ton collier déchire)

laeti33's picture

Mais la brosse électrique c'est fait pour les fénéants ça, mdr ^^!! Hâte de vous voir en avril à Bordeaux !!

Verina's picture

3C=cute, cool, charming. Good luck for the show tonight. SP in Surabaya, Indonesia. :)

SimplePlanet's picture

oh bout d'chou !

Patyto_SP's picture

very well

Stephanie P.'s picture

why so cute?

LetLoveSparksFly's picture

Génial ! :D

Chelbis's picture

This way you'll kill me, oh if I catch ya, oh my God if I catch ya. (8) *--*

MaddeWester's picture

You look amazing Seb, love the hair style, it really suits you.

AnhTrain's picture

It's that time of the day where you gotta brush dem teeth, 3 times a day my ass!

SP-nur's picture

soo clear :D

lexie18's picture

Didn't Pierre post and put the samething?

Jane_SP's picture

So cuuuute *_*

Isabella Grillo's picture

So cute *-* Love u ?

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sarahdamaris's picture

cuteeee ;)

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nad73's picture

nice comme photo ^^

Thata's picture

You so cuuute and i can't stop thinking about the show last night in jakarta. xx :D

Nadine's picture

You do a simple thing like brushing your teeth but man you still look awesome!

MireyaLfbvr's picture

Can you (dont)stop being so adorable? thanks.

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Ruby Huang's picture

: ) clean!!

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Ha ! :)

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