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Merry Christmas!

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Posted by Chuck


Priscila Caratchuk's picture

Merry Christmas to you all :)

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Venty's picture

Bon fete de Noel Chuck...
Love you xx

sabiie.'s picture

Merry Christmas to you too, Chuck! =) And to other SP guys too!
I hope you're all having a nice time! :D
xoxo from Slovenia :*

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Joyeux Noel à vous 5!! Je vous aime!!! ?

kyra_94's picture

merry christmas :) frohe weihnachten :) et joyeux noel :)

Janca's picture

Oh this picture is so cute :) Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas .Have a gift for me? Luv u

traces of teacups's picture

garsh... it looks really warm and homey there; and the Christmas tree, the presents, and the house are just amazing. thank you so much for sharing this and for the smile, Chuck. :') hope everyone has a great time celebrating.

merry Christmas and happy holiday, everyone! ;D

Sue...'s picture

Merry Christmas for all of you guys!!!!

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Merry Christas SP-Fans and of course Pierre,Chuck,Jeff,Seb and David :))

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Aww :) Merry Christmas!!!

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T'é ben fin de penser à nous!

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Merry merry christmas precious !

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Merry Christmas Chuck and the rest from Simple Plan!

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Merry Christmas!!!

Sophie Carlbrant's picture

Such a beautiful picture! If I could wish for you, I would. (:

God Jul Chuck! Much love from Sweden.

Pow's picture

C'est mignooooon! :))
Vu le tas de cadeaux, certains ont dû être trèèèès sages cette année! ;-)

MaxSewyer's picture

Nice three, but there's standing a weird guy in front of it???
Haha, just kidding, Chuck. You look amazing!
Merry Christmas, or as I teached you Glædelig Jul. :)

Karin_2's picture

Classe ! Joyeux Noël à toi aussi ! ?

sandra_fz's picture

trop beau! Joyeux Noël, sexy drummer ?????????????????

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T'es choupinou !!!!! :D

Joyeux Noel à toi aussi !

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Merry Christmas

Optimist's picture

Awwww this is so pretty =o) Merry Christmas the best drumer on the earth =o*

Kaat's picture

You're my hero =D Merry Christmas =D

Sarake's picture

Merry Christmas ! :)

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Merry Christmas You guys ) Nice Tree You got there :) Enjoy

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aww, Merry Christmas, Chuck! :)

French Addicted by Simple Plan's picture

Joyeux Noel a vous tous et, par la meme occasion: tres beau sapin! ;D

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Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!