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I drew that on a piece of paper and now it's tattooed on my friend

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Posted by Seb

- Sébastien. Mobile



marie339's picture

je veux le même :) plus tard

Nada Mubarak's picture

Awww (:

Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Je veux le même :O

Days's picture

That's really cute.

Jess4896's picture

that looks awesome i luv it :)

Danyella Simões's picture

True luv ?

Tinah Desrosiers's picture

my tattoo was David who wrote
still can not believe it!

Julia_17's picture

very cool***)

CaKeBomB's picture

COOOL :O I Love Tattoos :))

Lynn_SPfan's picture

LOL im so getting that on the back of my neck... or something similar. (:'s picture


lexie18's picture

I would so get that :)

blahblahblah's picture

Niiiiiiice! :D Want it!

pulsario's picture

i want thatttt

peggy's picture

il est beau

maybelSP01's picture

coolllll, i really love it, well kids im from cuba i want to get simpleplan lovres friends, sometimes i fell sad cuz i cant be there in concert with you but thats live, i even have a t-shirt, so sad, jajja any way the tatoo ist greattttt, nice job

minejsg's picture

look's cool

Charlie_Percussion's picture

I Want t too ! ;D

seb-astronaut's picture

totally want it !
really nice :)

Karina Parker's picture

Normal =)))

SimplePlanet's picture

that's really, really nice, well done !

im.SPAstronaaut's picture

i want it want! :D

CrazyAboutChuck's picture

Super beau !!!

Patyto_SP's picture

nice! :)

mariana_14's picture

Love it.! I want one liike that!:D

BronSuPermanPDSJC's picture

nice tatt :)

Janca's picture

amazing, I love it!

Sonia's picture

Vraiment cool :D

x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

Sweet! Looks good!

fille-de-montréal-love-SP's picture

cé bin hot sa!!!