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Nice wood.

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Posted by Chuck


Bibiflocfloc's picture

Roooo j'aime trop !!!!!!

Mad of music's picture

J'adoree les baguettes =D trop belles !

Vi's picture

I've got one! :D

nath_salles's picture

I wanna one =/

im.SPAstronaaut's picture

*-* ?

fille-de-montréal-love-SP's picture

mais, pk c'est rose???

LisaG's picture

OHH! Je les veux! Elles sont trop bien!! :D

Lynn_SPfan's picture

haha, those things are DOPE!!! :D i want some!!! lol

Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Troooooop Magnifique *o* Je les veux bien aussi! :3

Ophelie's picture

Je les veuux !!! Mais je jouerais jamais avec ^^ j'aurais trop peur de les abîmer x)

Kathaa's picture

I dno't really know what it is, BUT I LOVE IT *-*

Tam VM's picture

love it, want it :3

LeslieA's picture

Woow, super :-D J'en veux bien une..? :$ S'il vous plait..? :-D
Je t'adore Chuck ?

maggi_SP's picture

Omg! *-*
I've been playing drums for four years I have them? :)

mimesonic's picture

awesome drum sticks Chuck.

MaxSewyer's picture

Hey Chuuuck... I'm gonna start playing drums next year, in school, and I was wondering... Can I have those? :P

Irene_4's picture

I NEED THEM!!!! *.*

Aymara's picture

I want them to me!

GCSPFAN's picture

Damn Had I seen this b4 last night I would have asked you for some of your wood! LOL

Dominiquesp's picture

I want them!!!!!!!

Nayara's picture

I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want
I NEED one of this

Priscila Caratchuk's picture

I need!!!

Devon Marcus's picture


hanna_94's picture

they fucking awesome;););) I WANT them too:)

Caro21's picture

OMG OMG OMG O.O I really want them :)))))))'s picture

OMG I need those!

Mathilde SP's picture

Elles sont juste trop magnifiques! J'aimerais trop avoir les mêmes! :)

SimplePlanet's picture

maaaaan they look fuckin great ! Get me some, i'll take em next time I see ya guys ;p

Lara. ♥'s picture

An trop cool je les veux ! :O

peggy's picture

trop bien !!!
je veux les mêmes =)