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My cliche shot in the weird Chicago blob thing

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Posted by Seb

- Sébastien. Mobile



samanthababy420's picture

is this in the chi?!?

im.SPAstronaaut's picture

hahah seb you look like a midget

Bruna_5's picture

Nice pic! Someday I'll do the same ;)

SPsavedmylife_3's picture

the kids in the backround are probably thinking "OH MY GAWD IT IS SEB FROM SIMPLE PLAN!!!!!!!!!"

Uchi Lefebvre's picture

your handsomeness still visible baby! :)

Austranadian's picture

lol blob thing!! true dat!

llisa's picture

cute little(-:

Dakota_Q's picture

nice scarf XD

colleen puras's picture

thats a peice of art in chicago its not a blob

im.SPAstronaaut's picture


lexie18's picture

Tiny Sebastian :D

SPAstronaut_2's picture

You look small :p

Justin Henin's picture

yeah !

Maru03Arg's picture

Oh yeah!!!!!!is so sexy!!!;)

Pechán's picture

It looks like it's very very cold

lilo's picture

Très belle photo Seb comme d'habitude de toute façon =) il fait bien rire le petit gaçon derrière toi!

Karina Parker's picture

You became less!! =)) haha)))

Bibiflocfloc's picture

Seb à trop l'air sérieux sur cette photo ^^

Katie Guth's picture

As a Chicagoian, we call it the bean. It's even more exciting underneath it. :)

jules_sp's picture

is it weird i call it ''the bean''? LOL

daverosinsguita's picture

hahahaha theres just like a kid behind you staring at what you're doing
its okay Seb, you're too awesome for that kid to handle XD

chrissy32's picture

I might be way off here but....... Are you wearing a Collingwood (AFL team) scarf?! Because I think I have the same one! That's really cool if you are, if not, still- nice scarf! :P

jaykay_182's picture

Aww, Weird Chicago Blob Thing! That's definitely something that they need to look into in terms of renaming it.. lol
And you're wearing the Collingwood scarf! While I am so proud and happy right now that you're wearing your scarf from Australia, next time I think we need to buy you one representing a better team :P

Masara's picture

lol at the kid in the red jacket!

Thnx4allChuck's picture

hahaha sexy as always

karo0_SP's picture

tes cute

Tam VM's picture

hahaha I love your concentration face!!! And you look pretty handsome in there ;)

Days's picture

I've never heard of the Chicago blob thing. Funny pic Seb ha ha:).

Sophiesue's picture

i like it Seb ;P

Nydia's picture

i loveee u ?