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Muchas Gracias Mexico City!!!!

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Posted by SP WebCrew


Dianadk's picture

Y los conciertos de este octubre pasado estuvieron de wevos :)

Denyz alexza ♥'s picture

Y la espera termino!!! :)
Que emoción que estarán de regreso!!! <3

Brenda Navarro's picture

was perfect .... when they come back again? poka madr ese concierto.... fue de lo mejor! ....

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Kristine Larin's picture

wooowww nice pic

Raulsimpleplan's picture

I was there :D ! Oh my god I still remeber every second there since i wait from 11 to 8 pm It was the best day of my Life ! Yo estuve ahi ! :D :D

Chaffiizz's picture

please come back soon, I was there and it was amazing

&#039;Evelyn Mosqueda's picture

estuve ahi :333

AndiieS's picture

Thank you for that wonderful introduction . . .

kirsten's picture

thanks for coming to mexico!!!!

Blanca SP's picture

Yo estube aí ... aaaa me acuerdo y no lo creo ... Love Simple plan regresen a Mexico!!

Arifka Pahan Subeki's picture

Good Picture

Damaris Salazar's picture

i love simple plan!!!!!!
i love sebastian

NannBouvier's picture

The best conciert of my life! I love simple plan :D:D

jellalzeref's picture

wow it'sreal

rebeka's picture

please guys one video in six flags mexico! T_T

Gaby_17's picture

I love simple plan¡¡¡¡

HeyVanessa's picture

I was there :)

MariaSP's picture

cool!!! one of all those pairs of hands is mine!! wow it was the best concert in the whole world and i was in it!! You sing amazing in the concert, no all the bands can sing so awesome on concert, but you!!! you are the law!!! please please please come back soon because i want a picture with you!!!

splover29's picture

thumbs UP:) love it:P

Pete's picture

They ROCK!!

Bruna_5's picture

You guys are looking so hot!

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karen bouvier_16's picture

it was the best nigth in my life! so thank you simple plan for this great remember. you were amazing that nigth i love you guys but i love pierre a little more. come back soon because mexico fans are going to be there forever and we are going to wait to see you again.

Laurianne Lépine's picture

VOUS ÊTES BEAUX (YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!) OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D x x x x x

Chivis's picture

You were amazing that night, actually a week ago, omg it has been so fast, i want you to come agaaaaaain!!!! Thanks btw, thank you for all the music you've bring to us, you really know how to change lives guys
xoxo! your old school fan: *Silvia*

Nathaly Torres's picture

amazing concert here in six flax in Mexico City are a love I love I love Thank you for coming! Come back soon as we want to see again please come back!

Liliana pikzo's picture

I was the best concert, it was THE concert you are amazing, please please come back soon!!!! You are the best! Love you! From México

Baran Diaz's picture

Guys it was the bes concert ever!!!!
Although it was my first SP concert, I have seen more videos of your concerts and let me tell you this was the best of all!!!!

kren's picture

it was amazing, thanks for coming to mexico
Please come back soon
I LOVE SP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!