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Muchas Gracias Mexico City!!!!

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Posted by SP WebCrew


shir_comeau's picture

omg chuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

simplepeke's picture

im crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Priscilla Jean Wood's picture

OMG!!! the show was incredible, awsome, marvelous!!! thank you for comming!!! i'm gonna miss u a lot!! u.u

rossario's picture

It was the best concert ever¡¡¡¡¡¡ I love you guys, an I hope to see you soon egain

Mexico loves you¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

LigulugaSP's picture

Dont go!!!!! D: Please !!!! I want to see ya one more time!!! Cmon guys!!!! D: I LOVE YOU!

homer torres's picture

this was the best concert

Ana Ferreira_2's picture

David xD

Charlie_Percussion's picture

awesome awesomeness

Thata's picture

I love Chuck style!! You rock guyssss :D:D

Pamela Patricia Cañas Vargas's picture

My ears are still ringing!!! Oh my god!!! It was FUCKIN AWESOME!!!!! Thanks guys!!! really thanks means nothin to what i´m feeling!!!! :-D the best day of the year!!! Of the decade!!!! and what i told and u hope u read it: "NOT JUST THIS SONG, U SAVE ME" Thanks a lot!!! come back soon u know u always will be well received!!! LOVE U 4EVER!!! U ALWAYS GONNA BE THE BEST!!!! :-P

desrosiersxjett's picture

LOVE DAVID on this pic !

VivaLaVale's picture

Love this pic! :D

SPAstronaut_2's picture

Just WOW O_O

LigulugaSP's picture

Guys please come back soon!!! I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN I LOVE U!!!! I hope one day be with you guys.... is my dream THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU ARE AWESOME!

Delhi's picture

I can see myself there!! It was amazing!! Can we go back in time?! :(

Natts's picture

The best day of my life, I would show mi boobs again :3

sandra sndrx's picture

amazing!!!! that's the right word to describe the show!!! guys I LOVE U!!! I wasn't in VIP zone but I really enjoy the concert!!!

Celine19's picture

trop cool!!!!

Chaffiizz's picture

thank you we love you please come back next year!!!!!!!! the concert was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

pulsario's picture

so cuteeeee

Patyto_SP's picture

as I would like to be there! I love you guys! I hope you enjoyed your stay in Mexico!

Sonia's picture

OMG...what a crowd :D Vous avez l'air tellement heureux !!! Je suis certaine que ce fût un show d'enfer !!!! I love you guys....take care :D

Karina Parker's picture

Funny =* =)))

kiba_2's picture

je vous aimes je vous adore vous etes ma vie les sp forever are the best

sandra_fz's picture

vivement que je vous vois en concert les gars !!!!!!!!! vous êtes les meilleurs !!!! :)

cyclothymie's picture

So rock les mecs !

MichelleCZ's picture

You look like you enjoyed it. I wish you. L

Kay_Olina's picture

Oh WOW! What a crowd! Looks like a great show to me :)
Awesome photo Guys :) And look what happend! Seb and David swap guitars again :D I like xD

Juliemary's picture

awesome !

Lyz's picture

loves simple plan forever...