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Simple Plan Foundation Benefit

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Posted by Amanderz


rocker_princess's picture

oh, my david. i love u so so much <3 <3 <3

cwojo18's picture

Haha I love how u can just tell these guys are French Canadian. Doesnt he look it? So adorable...

Laurianne Lépine's picture

T' es trop beau David je t' aime!!!!!!!!!! :D x x x x x

fille-de-montréal-love-SP's picture

je taiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime! it was me, the stupid girl that was sending u kisses...

fille-de-montréal-love-SP's picture

i remember u dave , at the OSM ! t'était tellemant beauuuuu! si la photo était un ti peu plusse a doite, on verrait ma place. haha

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Days's picture

That guitar matches your clothes perfectly David.

Jeongbin Lee's picture

lol is that Jeff's guitar?

Cristina Desrosiers's picture

Awww, you're so cute...
I love you, David!!! :)

mimesonic's picture

David I want your gutair please and thank you :)

Lara. ♥'s picture

J'adors la couleur de la guitard ! (:
David t'es beau tu sais :D

Karina Parker's picture

David with Guitar)) cute))

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Tam VM's picture

first thing that came to my mind: sexy! :D

Sonia's picture

Quelle concentration !!!

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Jynii stinco lefebvre's picture

you're the man!!
my hero :) my angel.. SEXY!

Ana Paula_2's picture

David, my hero.

Lynn_SPfan's picture

i love how David's outfit AND guitar all match... (:

lexie18's picture

Play David play......

Manye's picture

David bien concentré (et avec les nœuds des lacets bien faits) ?