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I was bored today so I grew a mustache!

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Posted by David

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Dianadk's picture

oh dios mio¡¡ amo esa cara !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lotta_3's picture

Nice ! <3

Elfqueen's picture

LOL! it looks amazing!

SpForever_4's picture

Ha! Ha! T'es beau de même David!! Lol! Non, mais sérieux, ça te va bien une moustache!!

angeruler's picture

XD haha love ya David

Romina Vivot's picture

Great picture! You're so damn cute:)

Sabrii's picture


Fernanda Desrosiers_SP's picture

Pouahahahah!!! David, I love You!!!:)

montrealgirlSP4ever's picture

tavais TANT rien a faire!!!

montrealgirlSP4ever's picture

la moustache cé tu pour le movermber lol! :{D

Danica's picture

haha!nice..AGREED!YOUR FUNNY!!

splover29's picture

hahah wow david u crack me up hahaha lol:)

MusicLife's picture

lolzs! xDDDD, ah adorable :D

Kayleigh's picture

I believe you just did a Houdini! Now you are Mario 0.o

Karina Parker's picture

Wear a mustache haha =)))

Florencia Desrosiers's picture

face with the mustache that killed me haha, but I prefer you without it :p

Patri Rivera's picture

yeah yeah! I miss your piercings and black or blond short hair! (L)

dani_x3_sp's picture

i miss ur peircings and black hair!!! DX

Patri Rivera's picture

Why are you as PRETTY?? (LLL)
But I loved your piercings and you don't have them yet!

simpleplanlover_3's picture

love your eyes!
...and your mustache:D

Austranadian's picture

Really David? You were THAT bored?? Lol!!

Eleanor Bruner's picture

nice pic. i love the color of you eyes.

Cami_4's picture

I LOVE you very much!!!

Cami_4's picture

Ooooh! That's GREAT! (Remember that?) hahah... You're so funny

Mauuude_SP's picture

... tes beauue meme avec la moustachhhe ..... mais encore PLUS sans la moustache hihi ;)

SPAstronaut_2's picture

haha, funny :D And I absulutley LOVE your eyes

Camille__lr's picture

Je veux la même moustache !

Lovesimpleplan_4's picture

hahaha love the photo, the mustache is funny

gabyrock93's picture

hey hey you you i want to be you're girlfriend! okay is joke! jajaja fun mustache

JuliaSP4life's picture

i like that mustache ;) haha