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Supporting a good cause. Bought a great new tshirt.

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Posted by Pierre

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Charlene's picture

J'adore cette photo ;)

Terrss's picture

cool shirt ...!

Karina Parker's picture

I love your smile =)

romane-sp's picture

J'adore ton tee shirt ^^

Mauuude_SP's picture

it's good cause i love you

lisimpleplan's picture

wow Pierre! it's so beautiful your new shirt!

simplebouvierfan's picture

You wore that at the Concert I went to in 2011! This T- is so true! Lol I want it

jananabanana93_ily_sp's picture

I love it! Its a hippy shirt! xD

SPLara's picture

this t-shirt look awsome !! want the same :)

eumanero's picture

Man, i want this t-shit :3333333

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Days's picture

I love the shirt.

im.SPAstronaut's picture

aww "love is the revolution" is true xD

Brianna_2's picture

He wore that in chicago(: Its great to support a cause. ?

Tiffany_SP's picture

I love it !

kamal_davidholm's picture

I think now its the tee whos more cooler than you!! Lol :D

Kylie Builta's picture

Pierre, I love you!

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tracy bouvier's picture

this is a great cause! i love you man :)

Kayla ShaDay's picture

Epic. For the win! I want one! Looking it up!! Nice promotion skills :)

ALLCAnaLuciaLopezCastro's picture

totally in love with you and your tshirt

mariian_spfd182's picture

your tee is rad :D

LMAOmae's picture

DEFF getting the pink one. thanks a lot for having promoted it! :)

JENIFER 3 SImPLePLanEra's picture

this incredible

rockthearts1719's picture

he wore that to their concert yesterday! :) woot woot

Thnx4allChuck's picture

what was you hearing? xD nice pic!

abbeyb395's picture

he wore that shirt at their concert yesterday!! it was amazing!!!! :D

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I look forward to the next concert in Poland! Thank you very much! At ursynalia was great! 01.09.11.

Bell's picture

lovely!! ?... that remember me to the song " love generation" by Bob Sinclar