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Simple Plan

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SP♥r101's picture

omg i love Simple Plan♥♥♥♥

Sarah Knowles's picture

Are beautiful the five.Pierre is my favorite.

Sarah Knowles's picture

hearing the music "Astronaut"... aahh
"Cause tonight I'm feeling like an astronaut
Sending SOS from this tiny box
And I lost all signal when I lifted up...."
"Can I please come down?
Cause I'm tired of drifting round and round
Can I please come down? "

is wonderful.....

tinaSPLAN's picture

they're so amazing band for me

Anny Martinez's picture

David! OMG you look really cool!

simpleplanlover's picture

You know, I like David more before, You know with his piercings and another haircut and stuff, but i still like simple plan! But David was cuter before ^^

HanNahNah's picture

EEEEE I want to get this as a poster :D

thunderslash's picture

I have this pic on my cupboard :) You guys are amazing

xxjessieskittlesxx's picture

Bahahahah love Pierre's facial expression its freaking priceless! :P

Tiffany-SP's picture

You're beautiful!

Evie84's picture

It's so funny when your intellect COMPLETELY dies when you look at a group of sexy men. Damn.

Nicoly's picture

So amazing :D

@Pam_Moraees's picture

OMG *o* David *o* j'adore *o*

Key AmeLia's picture

i love this one...the color seems so blend nicely :) love you guys pouuuaaaaahhh :D

luisa's picture

definitivamente david eres guauuuu ...rico rico cuidat un saludo desde COLOMBIA

sgbyh's picture