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Simple Plan

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SelmaPlan's picture

Seb looked like Adam Lavine

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Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Vous êtes trop magnifiques ! ?

marine-Astronaut-loveSP's picture

trop canon les mecs!!!

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valerielauzon's picture

J'ai rencontrer le gars qui a prit cette photo! Franchement elle c'est une des plus belle:)

LeslieA's picture

Je suis une fan de cette photo, vous êtes tous..: Wooh *_*

Tiffany_4's picture

Chuck looks rabid, david looks angry, seb looks old (but like a hugh jackman old-so it's not too bad), Pierre..I can just hear this camera operator "PIERRE I NEED FIERCE!!!"
jeff-kudos you look like jeff
either way guys i still like this picture, kinda funny, if you read this DONT BE OFFENDED please :)

Lara. ♥'s picture

Les cheveux de pierre , sont trop beau coupé comme sa ! :P
En faite , vous êtes tous beau.
Bye ! :)

mariian_spfd182's picture

Ive this poster like 4 times lol XD

FUCK's picture

I love this picture so much, but David doesn't look like David. (I didn't know how to word that :\)

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Tam VM's picture

can't actually find the words to describe how much I love this pic :3

alanabouvier19's picture

PIERRE, vos cheveux sont si attrayants
I don't speak french that well so sorry if that was wrong,

mely0lashesSP's picture

I love how Seb isin't looking at the photograph! lovely

leila tamara sp's picture

you guys are too nice!