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No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls: Celebrating 10 Years Today!


  • No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls: Celebrating 10 Years Today!
    March 18, 2012

    March 19th, 2012 marks the 10 Year Anniversary of SP first release of No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls! To celebrate this huge anniversary for the band, head over to now.

    You can tweet your favorite track off the album, re-live all the music videos from the album + listen to some bonus material released during the album cycle. Remember the Live in Anaheim album from FUSE? How about the songs on A Small Package for You like "Crash and Burn"? Remember "Don't Wanna Think About You" or "Surrender"? Listen to them all here!

    Plus, check out this special message from the boys, looking back 10 years ago...

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Amanderz's picture
on March 18, 2012 - 11:48pm

March 19th, 2012 marks the 10 Year Anniversary of SP first release of No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls! To celebrate this huge anniversary for the band, head over to now.

You can tweet your favorite track off the album, re-live all the music videos from the album + listen to some bonus material released during the album cycle. Remember the Live in Anaheim album from FUSE? How about the songs on A Small Package for You like "Crash and Burn"? Remember "Don't Wanna Think About You" or "Surrender"? Listen to them all here!

Plus, check out this special message from the boys, looking back 10 years ago...


MC_BB_TEENY's picture

HAPPY 10th Anniversary #No pads No Helmets, Just Balls, it's been a year that people has change, David, you really change a lot, but still your not that too old... you look 25, in your age hahahha, Thanks for sharing and we love you so much.See you again,and looking forward for another year....Mwah! (3x).. P.s Chuck your looking good...
MC_BB_TEENY's picture

And yah, Congratulations...
Joana_'s picture

Congratulations! So happy that i have the privilege to listen to SP! It helped me and continues helping every day, the songs understand me and tells everything i wanna say, but i don't know how... always remembering that i don't have to care about what the other people think about me... PROUD OF BEING AN ASTRONAUT! Happy #10YearsNoPads !!
SimplePlanet's picture

(David, toujours aussi fier de son gros téléphone rouge)
SimplePlanet's picture

Feeling old too. LET'S GET DRUNK GUYS !
A123's picture

congratulations!!! happy 10th year anniversary! I'll still be your fan for the next 10 years!!!
MonicaSP's picture

Simple Plan !! Yeah !! ;) Congratulation !! ;) Et oui vous êtes vieillissez, non j'rigole ! ;) Bonne anniversaire !! :D 10 ans !! :O Bravo, bravo !! :D Gros bisous à vous 5 ! ;)
Jhannin Tarrazona's picture

SIMPLE PLAN, CONGRATS AND HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY to you guys. Your songs really Saved My Life since 2002 until today. I love your band cause in many tragedies you've faced you still hold on tight to each other and faced those tragedies together. Me and my friends are planning to make a band (composed of all girls) someday and you guys are one of our inspiration and example in making a band and I hope our band will be as Strong as you guys and I hope our band we'll be successful someday. So guys all I can say is Keep Strong, Don't Let Go and Continue Your Journey. Cause we your fans here are ready to support you guys. PEACE OUT. :) I
ramaskia's picture

"Surrender" isn't Simple Plan song, but other two songs are good :)
Days's picture

CONGRATS AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PIERRE, DAVID, CHUCK, JEFF, AND SEB:D! I can't believe it's been ten years since I first listened to No Pads, No Helmets . . Just Balls! The first song I ever heard from NPNHJB was Addicted. I actually heard it playing in the background at one of my high school assemblies. It stood out from the rest of the songs that were played during the assembly and I knew I had to get the album after hearing Addicted. I still remember the night I sat in my living room and listened to it on my CD player for the first time. I was blown away and was so happy. NPNHJB was the first album I ever loved and it was one of the first albums I ever remember buying. I knew the lyrics from every song within a few days and I played the album all the time. It was one of my favorite CD's when I was in high school and it was easy to relate to all of the songs. I can still relate to most of the songs and it's still one of my favorite albums of all time. I knew Simple Plan was my favorite band the night I heard NPNHJB. I didn't have a favorite band before and Simple Plan has been my favorite band ever since. I'm so grateful I discovered the album when I did because it really changed my life. I didn't just discover an amazing album but I also found my favorite band for life! Music became a huge part of my life after I listened to the album. Simple Plan has really shaped the person I am today. I'm so proud of everything you guys have accomplished up until now. I'm also very happy to see you guys still having fun making albums and going on tour. I love how all of you have remained so humble and grateful throughout all these years. You still appreciate what we do as fans and that makes me very happy. I'm glad there has never been a change in the line-up because Simple Plan wouldn't be the same without any of you there. All five of you have made the band what it is. I hope we can get more than 10 years of Simple Plan:D! You are all an inspiration to me. I love you guys!
cwojo18's picture

Happy 10 years guys! Ya'll have been my favorite bands since days 1. I even contemplated for a VERY long time getting the tat in "id do anything". Lol. I got older and settled on an "SP" tat. Almodt like sebs... Anyways, you guys have saved my life over and over again. I dont know what I would have done without you. You've been my biggest inspiration. Ive wanted to be a singer since I was about 3 and u guys just made that passion soar. Before I moved in with my bf my room was COVERED. Every inch with SP stuff.. Posters, magazine articles, concert memorabilia.. along with my booklets with pics and mag articles and concert stuff.. I still have almost all of it in my folders and boxes and stuff... Tons of stuff... I love u guys so much it kills me. I die seeing soecial stuff ya'll post or do for other countries. Damn US fans... Theres a couple of us that could compare to the Asian fans... Trust me, ive waited around for days for u guys... I got to see u on warped in salt lake, Utah in 05. Me and my dad didnt sleep the night before cuz we were traveling so far. I have so many memories from that day it wouldnt fit on the page. Not to mentiom the memories I have from warped this past summer and the show on Halloween. I keep hearing rumors that you're gonna be on warped this summer, which would be fucking awsome, but at the same time u say ur doing a US tour in 2012 so if warped IS the US tour that sucks cuz its suck a small set and not focused on u,, but I dont like too many people on warped this year so it gives me every chance to focus on u guys and get an amazing day out of it... Ive been able to be front row in the very center every show ive been to, so lets keep that up... 10 years down, another 10 to come! Every single second has been amazing! I adore each and every song. The new album is incredible. Every show is a dream. U guys make my life just a little better when it so often sucks.. U give me reason. U give me strength. Thank u for an amazing decade...
RainingIce's picture

Congratulations on ten years! You guys are amazing! I can't believe it's been ten years. An entire decade! It blows my mind. I was six and now I'm sixteen, I love you guys more and more all the time. Perfect was THE song of my childhood. I remember how I used to cry every time I heard the song, and I still do! I am dedicating my entire day to the songs on No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls. I'll smile, I'll cry, and I'll laugh while I listen and sing along all day. Happy 10th birthday to your first "love child", NPNHJB, Simple Plan! I know the next ten years are going to be the best ten years of my life, just like the previous ten years were... because of you! Jeff, David, Pierre, Chuck, and Seb, you guys have been my life line whenever I'm in a rut. Maybe I've never gone so far as to want to take my own life, but you guys have certainly changed me for the better. Simple Plan, you are the best! I love you! ? Rock on! Forever Yours ?
olivialovesastronauts's picture

the thing i love most about you guys is you are still closer than ever, please stay like this and never stop making music. we adore you x
Vivian@HK's picture

10 years!! BIG DEAL!! Congratssss:) Still here, still listening to every single track in the album, still get emotional and stoked for some tracks which mean a lot. Very, very proud to be in the SP Family for all these years, remember the soundcheck in Hong Kong and we requested God Must Hate Me which we often can't see in live shows, we LOVE EVERY SINGLE track in the album and we can never get enough for it. So guys,, 10 more years to come! and 10 more years, more,, and more!! We love u so much:D Keep rocking!! As long as U're there, I'll meet u there;) love
mimosa91's picture

Wow.. 10 years already? You guys have come to a very long journey, guys!!! Very proud of you guys and I hope you guys could stay even for 20 or more years ahead. And don't worry, you guys will always be my favorite band of all time!! :) :) Okay, so back in 2002, I remembered watching I'd Do Anything on MTV when my sister called me out and told me this band sang quite great, I thought to myself, "Nah.. whatever." Then, Addicted came out and my eyes could not be taken off from these 5 guys. You guys sang great, have your own style, and handsome!! (who wouldn't agree to the last one?) ;) Then, the 2nd album came out and I remembered my sister and I always got excited when SP music videos aired on MTV (especially back in those days, we did not have YouTube to watch videos and the internet in my country was quite lame) :( I still buy you guys' records even though back in the days, I bought the cassettes. Still treat them like my treasure ;) ;) Anyhow, I love you guys and you guys are still amazing to me. Not only your songs, but you guys also saved my life. Thank you for that and thank you for being such an amazing band!! HAPPY 10 YEARS NO PADS, NO HELMET...JUST BALLS, GUYS!! Stay cool and keep rocking!!
Mariana Rent's picture

10 and IT IS JUST THE BEGINIG!!! Hi guys! First of all I want to say Congrats (: for NPNHJB!! such an amazing album! I remember when I first heard you guys, was with Perfect! I love it, and since then I've been following you :') and I'm looking forward the JUNOs I'll be there!! and of course at the JUNO fan fare & I got something 4u guys, It's been a long time since I realized I love your music and for sure I will love it forever! thank u so much! and see you later! (: I SEE MYSELF IN EVERY SONG YOU SING! (except my alien hahahahahaha.. good one as well) LUV YA!!!!!
Isa Casasbuenas's picture

Thanks to you guys and I hope will be ten more years together ! listening good music, many lyrics that come to my soul Etc simple plan saved my life you helped me in a bad moment with my father. sometimes I feel that "PERFECT" was written for me, this song is the anthem of my life. when i feel so sad, boring, disappointed of my world of myself the only thing I can think is run to hear to simple plan song because you are joy to my life, you make me happy and i can smile All day everyday :D I love you guys and you are the reason of many things in my life, you inspire me to be better every day ! :D Never change his music, his style and his lyrics SIMPLE PLAN Is the best Band around the world come to colombia I dream to see them and sing all his songs!! :D
KaylaL's picture

You are are simply amazing. There are not enough words or ways to show you the appreciation I have for all of you. All 5 of you and your team have shown me and many other individuals that dreams can be accomplished. Keep up the great work not only with your music, but with everything else that you do! You are an inspiration to many. Never stop what you are doing. Je vous aime les gars! Ne laissez jamais personne vous empêcher de faire ce que vous aimez et appréciez. Bonne fête No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls!
HeartisonforSP's picture

We cant handle your awesomeness! Happy 10th Anniversary No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls!
Sarah_1313's picture

I'll always be a fan. Forever and always, 10 years and counting!
Fer hinojosa's picture

This guys have saved my life I love them, the first song I heard was welcome to my life but I love this album so much, the point is that because of them Im here writting this message because when I was younger (8 years more o less) I was thinking about killing myself because I was being bullyied they called me really disgusting names but this band and Welcome to my Life saved me, since then I have felt protected and I know that there's someone that understands me, Im mexican and 15 years old and I´ve been a fan for 7 years and Im the happiest person in the world thanks to these wonderful band that with their songs have saved my life so Happy Birthday to No Pads..... and hope we can celebrate 10 more!!
goland454's picture

I think I bought NPNHJB a little while after it had come out. I think I'd do anything & addicted got me hooked plus I love the new guy & I'm just a kid cracked me up. It is so awesome that it is 10 years, it almost feels like 20. Just kidding;-) I say that because it feels like you guys have been around forever doing this & you guys have given me & several thousand fans music to laugh, cry, think, dance, "Jump", rock out, drive to, cruise home at night, remember & just music to live by. Thanks so much for everything you guys do, you are here because of us but we want you here because you give us such amazing music & hilarious video's of your travels & your friendship/brotherhood. Here's to ten, even twenty more!~!
Andressa's picture

Ten years, wow! Congratulations, guys
Blanca SP's picture

10 fabulosos años en mi vida!! SP..?
Sarah_36's picture

Ten years ago I was a 12 years old teenage girl from a little town in Portugal, who felt in love with Simple Plan. Ten years later, I'm a young women pretty much in love with Simple Plan and who got to see them for the first time in Portugal 9 days ago. What else could I ask for? Thank you and congratulations for ten amazing years!
Vicky_8's picture

I love all the songs from this album cause they take me back to being a teenager in love with Simple Plan :) and I'm loving them even more now! I didn't think that could be possible but their albums just get better and better every time! They are also the best band I've ever seen live! So proud to be a SP fan. Happy 10th Anniversary guys!! xxx
José Miño's picture

Congratulation for 10 years of No pads,No helmets,Just ball
Dianadk's picture

:o 10 años de ese disco gracias por las canciones que ya con el paso del tiempo van tomando mas sentido aun recuerdo escucharlos por primera vez con "I'd Do Anything" o "Perfect" y me trasporto al pasado jeje pues mucho exito los amo chicos y vamos por 10 años mas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mayara_3's picture

It's hard to believe that it's already been 10 years! 10 years of good stories, good music, and good influences of your music on people's life. You guys deserve all of the sucess and support you have now, because if it wasn't for you, many of us wouldn't be here, strong as we are. Your music is just so meaningful, and you are so talented, that we have no words to express what it all means to us. I'm very happy and proud for these 10 years, and even if I haven't been a fan for all this time, it doesn't mean I love you any less. NPNHJB is such an incredible album! I hope you guys keep making good music for more 10 years, because this album, just like all of the others, helped me and changed me in a way I could never explain. I really hope to meet you one day and let you know how powerful your music is to me. I wish only the best, and thanks for always being there for me guys! I love you
TotalStuntman's picture

Aaah of course i remember all those songs! Simple Plan is one band thats unforgettable no matter what. Keep up the great vibe you 5 guys share, and i hope to still be hearing great music from you guys in 10 years time! :D