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Pic: Simple Plan with Kelly Cha!


Simple Plan WebCrew CA's picture
on January 12, 2012 - 1:54pm

Check out this new snapshot of the boys with Kelly Cha! She's the lovely voice you hear on the Mandarin version of "Jet Lag"!


Stephanie Chan's picture

Where can I purchase the Mandarin version of Jet Lag? Digital download preferred but I'll buy a CD if I have to! :)
IHaveACoolName's picture

She's beautiful and I love her version of the song :)
LeslieA's picture

Elles est vraiment super jolie! :D
Jason Pikyur's picture

:D they all look awesome!!! especially sebby!!!
amycrawford's picture

handsome men & a beautiful woman!!!hoho
Casich SP's picture

Beautiful ?
MonicaSP's picture

Très belle photo! :)
Patyto_SP's picture

great picture!
JuslovesSP's picture

Cool! I wish there will be a Filipino version of Jet Lag! =)
Pechán's picture

David looks cold and sleepy (L)
Saul's picture

Nydia's picture

i love u guys ?
Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Ouais tip top *o* handsome :)
Sonia's picture

Vraiment une belle photo de vous ça les gars !! Vous êtes tous très beaux....comme toujours :D
Kelly_7's picture

Looking great guys, happy and smiley as usual.
Mayara_3's picture

Very nice! It's so amazing that there are more than one version of this song :)