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The guys in Kuala Lumpur!


  • The guys in Kuala Lumpur!
    January 18, 2012

    The guys keep rolling through South East Asia. Here is a look at some of the high lights in Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy!

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on January 18, 2012 - 7:39am

The guys keep rolling through South East Asia. Here is a look at some of the high lights in Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy!


JunYu_Da Shaiji's picture

loll i never know they are so crazy until i watch this video..wakakalalala..haha..i love them so much!! and for simple plan please come to malaysia again after this!!
NickGunnar's picture

Seb's VIP =D
Potta's picture

Just got back home to Australia, after a week in KL and 2 weeks in bali. and the highlight would have to be simple plan live in Kuala Lumpur. thanks for a holiday i wont forget.
aezard's picture

ur rock simple plan
karo's picture

aaaaw, Seb at 0:53 he's soo sweet! :D and Pierre from 2:23 - 2:27 xD They are soo awesome :D
Hendra Has @hendraarrgghh's picture

hey guys, no update from your tour in indonesia?
Masara's picture

Oh god, I miss them!
Nicky_3's picture

i miss you guys good video
reverse342's picture

Sweet footage, glad to see a vlog from Kuala Lumpur :)
mariawilliston's picture

The only city lights I've ever seen was in Montreal. The veiw here looks amazing! :)
LeslieA's picture

Pfff, je déprime trop de ne pas vous voir en 2012... et y a de quoi! Vu les vidéos extraordinaires que vous nous mettez! Vous risquez de me tuer là..! :( PS: Pierre, tes vocalises sont vraiment géniales xD
Arr ManDar's picture

Merci pour venir à KL
Tyson Whibley's picture

actually, its not kaula but kuala
Hng Yee Fon's picture

thanks come from kuala lumpur
Nicole 3's Simple Plan's picture

i went there last year loved seeing the patronas towers but didnt like the shopping center that was there with them it was massive and i kept getting lost in it trying to see where stores were and trying to find the entrance we went in :( eventually found my way around it though :) Cant wait to see u guys when u come back to Brisbane Australia
ferdynando's picture

can't wait for jakarta n surabaya VLOG :D
faithhunter89's picture

It feels like a dream. Please do come back again ! Love you guys so much!
Saul's picture

Briza M's picture

I love these videos. ?
chemNerd's picture

You spelled Kuala Lumpur wrong :(
lovinSP's picture

your videos make me so happy!
Pechán's picture

It says "Kaula" Lumpur there...
IzzieSolis's picture

"I don't like how it tastes" LOL uhmm yeah im pretty sure your not supposed to eat it... :$ Sebby your actually adorable
Veroe Beaulieu's picture

hahaha ! toute que des vocalise mon Pierre !! xd hihihi jvous aimes fort xxx
nooe_SP's picture

HAHA! Chuck parle beaucoup avant d'enbarquer dans la van :p J'aime toujours les vlog que vous faites! :D
Emma Malleret's picture

Toujour aussi droles,aussi doues!
x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

Lol, I like that Chuck talks a lot! I'm not sure if you were upset that no one was in your sheets, but if you were, I'll be in them when you get to Tortonto to make up for it :P This just makes me more and more stoked for February 19th!
Sophie Carlbrant's picture

I really appreciate this vlogs! I'm just wondering what it's filmed with. Let me know!
MalinaSapawi's picture

OMG Im in the video! hahaha.. Thank You guys for making that day the best day of my life
Fatin Syahirah Rahim's picture