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Simple Plan in Hong Kong


  • Simple Plan in Hong Kong
    January 13, 2012

    The guys are having a blast in South East Asia. The shows have been amazing!. Here are some of high lights of the guys in Hong Kong!.

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on January 13, 2012 - 10:23pm

The guys are having a blast in South East Asia. The shows have been amazing!. Here are some of high lights of the guys in Hong Kong!.


Máah_2's picture

I loved the animation of Pierre, see Chuck sleeping and see how many people in Hong Kong who likes you. Perfect ;*
anim abd rahman's picture

heeee.... pierre is so handsome...
CaKeBomB's picture

Pierre is on drugs oO xDDDD LMAO
x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

David :O Why did you dye your hair back to black?? Not saying I don't like it, but I did like the blonde! Lol " Where were you on the night of the 11th?? What's your alibi??" Lol, Pierre!
heshela's picture

pierre's crazy dance moves and "interrogation" lol awww...chuck is sleeping peacefully good thing jeff had his nap :) i love david's hair!! seb is too cute :D
Alistair Fernandez's picture

Pierre, y u so funny! LOL!
SPsavedLo's picture

Own David !!! i love him so much
mariawilliston's picture

Did anyone else hear someone purring at 1:08? Lol Pierre warming up????
mariawilliston's picture

Lol this vlog is the best! ;)
gothgirlSPfan's picture

Thanks for the--yet again--beyond awesome vlog!! Pierre--You'd make an awesome cop! ;) "Where were you on the night of the 11th?!" LOL Jeff--so happy you got a nap in! You look really cute when you're sleepy....heh Sebastien--thanks for always looking so happy! =] David--thanks for showing us the lamps and you did look amazing in the awesome lighting! ;) Ha,ha Chuck--I would be doing the same thing before a show--sleeping! I love it! Ha,ha Love you all so much! =)
LeslieA's picture

Wouaaahou mais quelle vidéo! :O Une de mes préférés sans doute, elle est géniale :D Pierre, tu es vraiment trop drôle! xD Vous vous amusez comme des gamins on dirait ;D?
Safino's picture

Wow, Nice chow guys :D hahah I love when chuck is falling a sleep, and when Pierre dances that funny dance (L)...BTW I like your hair David :)) And Seb, You're so cuuuute, Jeff :)) I loove youuuuu....Kisses for all of you
Laurent P's picture

I was there !!! Merci d'etre venu a HK !!!
ramaskia's picture

the best style in this performance was Chuck, he looks perfect!!
ctkwok6's picture

I WAS THERE!!! U GUYS ARE AMAZING! Still remember your first show @HK in 2008 5/8? This show is the best show ever! Looking forward to c u guys again!!!! DAVID your shoes... sorry about that!! Please dun angry with HK!!
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Pow's picture

Haha! En plus de nous faire rire, merci les gars de nous faire partager tous ces petits moments =)
Manye's picture

Pierre is insane in this vieo. .. And I love it ! Haha :D
IzzieSolis's picture

coughcouchOVERTIREDPIERREcoughcough ;)
Billyting's picture

A really amazing show Simple Plan!! Hong Kong Fans love u so much plz come back to HK soon Love u!
lifeincartoon's picture

ahah pierre it's just too crazy, i love him! true, david's hair are awesome, back to black!
lovinSP's picture

Love this video! It made me smile :) Please, please, please come back to Chicago!!! We Love You. PS I love David's hair :D
Mayara_3's picture

You guys always make me smile! Seriously, I was having a bad day and now you changed it just because of a funny vlog. I love you guys, and thank you so much ^^' Hope you had a great time!
Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

La foule en délire j'adore O_O la chance :) David dans le public OMG! ^^ :p
Jared Ching's picture

yeah! It's HK!!
MonicaSP's picture

Pierre,tu danses très bien ;)
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SimplePlanLover7's picture

Haha aww, the H.K part
SPHONGKONG's picture

awww we miss you guys here! come back soon, and don't forget about us!