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Fan Favorite Vlog Countdown


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on December 24, 2011 - 9:36am

Continuing to take a look back at this huge year for Simple Plan, let's countdown the top 3 fan favorite vlogs of 2011! (Great choices, guys!)

3. Behind The Music: The Simple P's Bust A Rhyme
This vlog was part of the release of the Simple P website skin... is this the skin you use for

2. Behind the Music: The SP's, A Rock 'N Roll Love Story
Another vlog to release the SP's website skin!

1. Simple Plan's 5 Simple Cures for Jet Lag
With their hit single "Jet Lag", who else knows how to cure jet lag better than SP? Take their advice the next time you travel and you won't be feeling a case of jet lag.


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I should be working hard for my exams at the moment. But I keep watching these videos instead. I'm screwed.
karinylopes's picture PLEASE SIGN AND HELP THE BRAZILIAN FANS!!!!!
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LOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL Very very very funny videos, but the best is the cures for jet lag
Mariana_13's picture

ahaahaahaahaahaa...i just can`t stop
Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Trop hilarant hahahahah :P
magoo's picture

People love me because of my guitar man, You don't even play guitar man, Bi... LOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! XD
Sweettiepat's picture

hahahahahaha, best vlogs everrrrrr!! Tommy rocks! hahaha
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And I think Chuck deserves a medal for his role as Tommy! In my opinion he was the best!
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I'm pretty sure 5 Simple Cures for Jetlag won thanks to David's ass! :D
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hey tommy! hahahahahaha xD
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I love every single video here! AHAHAHAH you're the best guys :33
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You guys really chose the three best videos EVER !
Sophie Carlbrant's picture

I think they're all good but my favorite is how to cure Jet Lag!
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Hahahaha, makes me remember of those days, ¡ Simple P REPRESENT ! ¡ The SP's, Rock 'N Roll baby , NYC ! xD awesome
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3 amazing videos! so funny, I love It!

HELLO GUYS: I AM VERY HAPPY UP THANKS FOR THE VIDEO OF THE BAND IN THE PRIZE IS FANTASTIC ................. TeleHit realize that in reality all the places to visit and we all are therefore important FOR THE LOVE YOU ............................. AND I WISH YOU THE HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS AND THAT ALL YOUR DREAMS BECOME REALITY !! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE MAXIMUM Enjoy it as if it were ........................ LAST PS I LOVE YOU PIERRE today, tomorrow and always believe qe already said it before but you are my perfect man ............................KIMMY froM monterrey mexico!!!!
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hahahaha love it! :D They should do videos about the others skins of the web..
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David looks just like John Ramones.
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nice =D
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You guys Are awesome:) hehe Merry christmas guys :)
SimplePlanet's picture

Hi guys, I just woke up, which means it's Xmas here, so, you know what I'm gonna say :) Merry Xmas everyone, (peace &) love
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Pouhahahahahaha xD Merry Christmas guys and everyone else :) ?
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3 awesome vlogs ;P love them XD Merry Christmas Simple Plan xxxx
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I love them all !!! And I love you too guys :D Joyeux Noël xxx
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juajuajua....this can't get better!! love all this videos....they are the best :)
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all of them are funny videos!hahahahahah
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Love all of them!
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Merry Christmas guys!!!!!! Seeya in Singapore on 15 Jan!