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The Best SP Moment of 2011


  • The Best SP Moment of 2011
    December 22, 2011

    Alright guys, 2011 is almost over so let's take a minute to look back at this epic year for SP! What do you think the best SP moment of 2011 was? Whether it was a show, a funny joke in a vlog, etc.. tell us on the message boards. We've already got tons of responses from you guys, we want to hear more!

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Amanderz's picture
on December 22, 2011 - 9:49am

Alright guys, 2011 is almost over so let's take a minute to look back at this epic year for SP! What do you think the best SP moment of 2011 was? Whether it was a show, a funny joke in a vlog, etc.. tell us on the message boards. We've already got tons of responses from you guys, we want to hear more!


kathsass's picture

Sydney in October. Best weekend of my year for sure. somehow I made it to the soundcheck after being at a Christening, the Concert was amazing and I met the guys again at Sunrise on the Monday. and I made some friends. hands down my best SP moment.
Deisiéli de Castro's picture

My favorite moment was the Simple Plan show in Porto Alegre, when I met Pierre, David, Jeff, Seb and Chuck. This was the happiest moment of my life! I'm sure I never will forget that day. I love you guys... I'd do anything for you!
Cami_4's picture

Watch the best moment: ! S2 Amazing!!!! The best moment was when SIMPLE PLAN SANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME! When David said "I love you too" because I was with a poster "I love David". When David said Hello to me! This moments will stay in my heart forever! I love this guys!
mc_comeau12's picture

Most definitely the show you guys played in Pontiac November 23rd! You guys were AMAZING! I've been a fan since I was about 6 and you guys never disappoint :)
Delhi's picture

I would say the new album, it's great, and for the first time I bought the CD the very first day the album came out hehe :P, and of course the Simple Plan concert here in Mexico, always it's a pleasure to see you guys. My best wishes to all of you. Love, peace and justice in the world. Delhi xoxo
michaelm92_SP's picture

September 1st concert in Poland! I'll never forget that day!
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Best moment this year? I have to say the time waiting for the album to come out and the website where everyday something new came up so that we all got curious about the new record.
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my fisrt show, in prague, czech republic in september obviously:)!!
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that would probably be their concert in germany this year, which was my first simple plan concert and the release of GYHO. their music got my through some tough and hard times in my life and was just always there for me and never left my side. also pierre, david, chuck, seb and jeff kind of brighten my everyday life. thanks for everything, guys! you mean so much to me. :)
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2 shows in Poland :)
Mel's picture

Moi mon meilleur moment c'est le 5 Juin parce que vous êtes passé à la radio et quand j'vous est entendu j'me suis dit "hey ils sont marrant ceux là !! Et j'adore leurs accents !!" et j'ai reconnu Welcome To My Life passé très brièvement et le soir même j'faisais des recherches sur vous et vos musiques pour devenir une super fan de votre Band :)?
naiimaSP1D's picture

My best moment is.. when I met you in Lausanne, in Switzerland!!! C etait trop bien!you are amazing and the soundcheck was awesome!!! I met you for the first time! I love you guys!! J'ai hate de vous revoir l annee prochaine a Genève cette fois!! :D Alors passez de bonnes fetes et soyez en forme pour l annee prochaine!!!!!! ;D
_Marjolein_'s picture

Bets moment? Seeing you perform in Ghent, Belgium and then afterwards meeting David. Best night! Thanx :o)
sandra_fz's picture

Je me rappellerais toujours le 4 janvier, l'année commençait très très bien car le site Musique Plus annonçait une chanson en français des gars!!!!! Ensuite le 21 juin 2011, bien sûr la sortie de Get Your HeartOn! Et des dates très chères à mon coeur: les jours où Chuck, Jeff et Seb m'ont tweeté :D Mais quand on est fan, on pourrait dire que chaque jour avec SP est tellement merveilleux, chaque apparition, chaque interprétation, chaque message, tout tout tout nous prouve sans cesse qu'on a bien raison d'être fan de ces cinq gars merveilleux ??? Ce sont mes héros ???
Grace Jabbour's picture

The best moment was shooting Jet Lag in Toronto and of course , when "Get Your Heart On!" came out. I'm looking forward to next year, to see you guys in Montreal. Perhaps 2012 would be more fun, but no matter what 2011 is unforgettable !
simplesacha's picture

BY FAR the best simple plan moment i had in 2011 is spending 12 hours with you shooting Jet Lag. By far the best day of my life and i will forever be thankful for it.
csicrazi's picture

Best moment was when i went to my First simple plan concert. I have been waiting for this since i was ten years old. i have loved you guys since the begining. November 27th changed my life. i cant wait till you guys come back to Philly..
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well, I'm from Costa Rica and on July I came to the US as an Au Pair because I wanted to improve my English skills ...but also, because I knew that I had better chance to see SP live here than in my country. I've been through so much stuff here, good and bad, I mean, being away from my family and living with another family is really hard! anyway, I'm living in Pennsylvania and the the two shows that were closer to my house were Philadelphia (like 14 hours on bus, 'cause I don't have a car here!) and Ohio (7 hours). So guess what? On November 22nd I took a bus to Canton, OH for 7 hours to see Simple Plan live! Now, take into account that I don't know anyone there! (Thank God for Google Maps!) and I had to take 2 days off and pay for the bus and the hotel!!! but I went, after 7+ years of waiting for that moment, and it was THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! Simple Plan has really change my life, they have helped me through stuff (especially right now) and I love them so much! Thanks for making great music and being amazing human beings!
michaelarose101's picture

i meant belly button shirts not "bully" :)
michaelarose101's picture

When I got 2 meet u guys on warped tour (I cried like a baby) & when u guys showed up 2 the award show in a pink limo wearing short shorts and bully button shirts :) haha I will never 4get tht a day I screamed when I saw it was u guys in the pink limo, I remember think tht it might have been Justin Bieber....oh and let's not 4get June 21 the day "GYHO"came out and I got up at 4am to go buy it:) Love you guys always and 4ever
ella1997's picture

my fav thing was when u guys came to sydney at enmore theater! My big sister took me and shes been going to ur shows for about 6 years we love when u come to australia & all the amizing songs u write
Jesus_3's picture

When you guys came to Six Flags Mexico!! And also the Telehits Awards.
Alvina's picture

The best moment was when they announced they were doing a US tour and coming to NY! Seeing Simple Plan live for the first time! Meeting all of them. Soundcheck party!!!!! Getting a hug by Pierre hehe... Giving them my presents. Next time I'll try to remember my questions too nervous... and I'll eat before the concert so I don't become nauseous and can enjoy the show better.. I hope to see you again! Come back to NYC soon! The new album coming out! The music videos like Jet Lag, Astronaut, Summer Paradise! So proud of this band! Will be a fan of their forever! Music is my life and they mean so much to me. GyHO!
GCSPFAN's picture

My favorite moment was meeting the band and getting pictures with the band and autographs from all the guys after the Bamboozle in Hershey two years ago. Then getting to talk to them they are just guys that are so easy to talk to and be around. Wish for just one day I would be able to spend the day with them they have always been my sons favorite band as well and I know why! Great taste. But my greatest moment got better this past summer when my youngest son and I won Davids Bass at warped tour in Scranton! Thought I was going to pass out, was told when making the poster "your not gonna win" by someone, well we proved him wrong and I thank SP for all the great songs and videos, I listen and watch them everyday, along with GC. Love you always!
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seeing you live twice, fighting my way to the front at Warped '11 in Camden, NJ. You guys pointed at me and said "hot girl!" then in Philly I gave you guys shirts that I made for you, they said on the back: your name and Savanna Weldon is my #1 fan. and on the front: #GYHOtour! Philly 2011 @imfun_size13 then i met you guys, and chuck was super sweet because Sebastien went on the bus and i still had his shirt, so chuck went onto the bus with my cd booklet, and the shirt i made, and got my cd signed by seb, came back out, hugged me, and thanked me for the support.
Biah C.'s picture

My Favorite SP moment of 2011 is : November 15th ! I was there at Radio Mix and MTV Brazil, screaming, crying and running back of the van ! haha. Chuck held my hand, I can't believe it yet ! You guys made my dream come true, I'm too grateful ! Thank you guys, can't wait to see you again ! Love ya x
Veronica_3's picture

the best and memorable moment of this 2011 is #GYHO !!!! and of course the best videovlog eveeeeeeer is "Simple Plan's 5 Simple Cures for Jet Lag" with my friends we try to imitate Jeff, but we don't have so much power and was so silly :3
Augustine Libau's picture

My best Moment of 2011 is i found Simple Plan,you guys are Amazing!!!
mcflysp91's picture

My favorite Simple Plan moment was in Chicago during the meet and greet, I had asked my mother and sister if I should ask David if the bass I bid for off ebay was actually his or not, because on ebay it didnt say what kind of guitar or who it was from. So by bidding till I won and received it in the mail, checking photos from concerts, I had little info on if it was his until I had asked him and the best moment of it all was that he said, "yes" Thank you David Desrosiers for giving your bass to fender. I never thought i'd have one of your bass'
_magna's picture

The best time was definitely the SWU, and the next day when I met you and realized my dream. I love you, thank you.