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Watch: Simple Plan in Brazil (Part 2)


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on November 23, 2011 - 7:09pm

Take a look at Sim's vlog from SP's trip to Brazil last week!


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It's crazy to see Brazilian fans waiting for you at the airport. I guess they can't wait until the concert ha ha. That's pretty cool. Everyone looks so excited when they first see one of you come out. I love seeing the happiness and excitement on the fans faces. It must be nice to see that everywhere you go. I wonder how long it took David to get back on stage after he jumped into the crowd. It looked like he was struggling to go forward at the end. Stay safe when you jump into those crowds guys. I'm afraid you won't be able to make it back on stage once you jump ha ha:)!
Bianca Quevedo's picture

Please return to Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love sp!
Tiago Pssp's picture

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Eu senti a energia deles de novo em Porto Alegre 2011 ( I felt the energy from them again in Porto Alegre 2011)..................waithing for 2012
Flávia's picture

Come oooon, guys! Rio de Janeiro also needs you!
kim_SP's picture

Fun vlog, like always ^^, You guys are so nice with the fans =) Pierre, I like that pants you wear ;d You should wear it on a show in Belgium ;-)
Rebeca Hochman's picture

WE NEED YOU AGAIN! ? forever
Rebeca Hochman's picture

yeahh i was there *------*
Satie Kira's picture

AWESOOOME =D-- I was there[2]
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I was there!!! That was the BEST thing ever!!! Please, come back!!! We love u guys!

Hello: I loved the two parts of the video in Brazil, but I have a question because there is not any showing what happened in Mexico?, It is perhaps not so important or something? makes me sad to think about that possibility, just as I am glad that you visited my country thanks ..... love you and I hope soon to return to Monterrey this time we are all anxious to return ..... Kimmy: from Monterrey greetings to all! postscript: Pierre this is for you: today I had a beautiful dream we were together so I could feel your scent, but it was only a dream that unfortunately ....... someday I would love to find you before me and tell me everything you feel when you see or think in you ..... when you're in my dreams and not want to wake up not to realize that you're gone, I love you and I hope to tell you face to face one of these days ............ ......... impossible to know but do not lose hope.
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this is soo cool, i hope i can see you guys someday, you are my idols
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If you liked that, wait to see what we will do to you in Argentina ;)
Cristina Netto's picture

Why not in Rio? Cariocas love you!
Juliana @BouvierFeelings's picture

We want you back! :( We miss you so bad! See you in 2012 ;)

I wanted so much to have gone! :`( but I had to live far away... I WANT THE SIMPLE PLAN In Ceará, BRAZIL!
simonakovacova's picture

iloveeeeeeee :)) Please come to SLOVAKIA ..PLEASEEEEE
Kaat's picture

Awesome =D
SimplePlanet's picture

nice !
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Toujours avec la bonne humeur! Vous êtes extraordinaires quand même :-D On vous attend en France guys! ?
Di's picture

OOOOOOOOOOMG, 2012 will rock! ?
MirellaPrada's picture

OMG! I was there, and was totally perfect!!! Can't wait to see you again in 2012!!!
Cami_4's picture

OMG! I almost cried looking this! I was there! I MISS YOU GUYS! Come back soon, please!
Pechán's picture

I want David to jump on me!
Tais Souza's picture

Incredible show of Porto Alegre guys you have to return soon to the Brazil s2
Loli's picture

I still can't believe it was real!! I got my phone stolen right after I took pics with them, but noI have this video to remember the best time of my life. Luve you guys, can't wait to see you again!
Manye's picture

Awesome :D I love when Chuck says "Hi guys" at the beginning ! So cute :) You're amazing guys, I love you ?
CrazyAboutChuck's picture

Vous êtes géniaux avec vos fans ... love from france !
Danger's picture

Crist!...Brazilians are crazy people!...I wish us Aussie fans were like that, cause I'd be exactly the same!....LOVE YOU GUYS!
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So let me get this strait, Pierre. You don't like random people touching your junk?
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Vous êtes incroyables les gars :D Vous êtes tellement gentils avec vos fans !!! C'est pour ça qu'on vous aime tant !!! Pierre tu me fais toujours rire :D J'en peux plus d'attendre le 23 février !!! Take care guys xx