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Get Your Heart On!

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June 21, 2011
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fabio silva bouvier's picture

to waiting for you in the SWU brasiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllll

Jonathan Redaelly's picture

to good to be true lol. jk its just simple plan and their awesome music. i love this guys

L_ainhoa_SP's picture


CuteSP's picture

Amazing Songs Guys! LatinAmerica Loves You ;D

hamdysp's picture

I like SP's songs...their my inspiration..
Keep Rockin SP...!!!

Jumpbull Scherzinger's picture

Great ..

Like this very much ..

valleerriiee's picture

Débile ! :D

J'ai tellement hate au 23 Février au Centre Bell

kelly marie's picture

omg come to england!!! i love you guys so much...

Aretito's picture

I love ths album!...

Tanja_SP's picture

i love this albummm soo much

noraastronaut's picture

I loph that

edge's picture

Love it!??? your the best.. ??

MaLIn_086's picture

Awsome!! Love this album! Why can´t you guys come to Sweden?! I would love if you came...

pizonmagda's picture


DAny3lA's picture

I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN!!! AL THEIR MUSIC!!! ? ? ? 4 EEVEEER!!!!!! dams this is really good!!!'s picture


NaathalieLoveSP's picture

J'ai tripper sur votre album ! en 2 jours, je l'ai ecouter 7 fois au complet :) et je dois avouer que j'ai ecouter au moin 10 fois Astronaut :) I'M A SP FAN FOR EVER !! Je veux me procurer un chandail et un poster :) :D

Deathk99's picture

i love all the song? :D

melii.mey's picture

Astronaut....I LOVE IT!! I do feel like that sometimes too!

Kushal3008's picture

cool.......rock forever!! :)

Courtney's picture

love it

hellkitty0707's picture

nice album reallly love you suck at love ^_^ :D

TheSpCode's picture

Really great album, hope to see you soon in France !!

MaksimKa_'s picture

??? ???????? ??????
??????? sp

Matheus Mattos's picture

Album perfect, beautiful, great, best I've ever heard

Michelle_3's picture

i think my favorite song by far is summe paradise!! It's so happy and uplifting, i love it!!

AlineOliveira's picture

I really LOVE this album!! ?'

anaid92's picture

love U re new music video guys!!! u're awesome, I hope to see you soon in spain!!!

Ranguss's picture

best. album. ever.

Allison's picture

this is officially my favourite album!
I'm soo excited for your tour in Cananda!!!