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Get Your Heart On!

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June 21, 2011
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Laly ♥'s picture

My favourite album!.. I think! ^^'

AMS's picture

I am addicted to this album, love it, love it, love it!

Jack Barbosa''s picture

"Jet Lag" very good this song

Clem Crañberry de MÖntréal's picture

Vive simple plan je vous aime tellement

Clem Crañberry de MÖntréal's picture

Simple Plan

Ramim Ahmed's picture

Can't wait to get my hands on this album! It sounds so awesome!!! Love you guys!

Benita Agustia's picture

i love you guys so muuucccchhhh ... ur rolemodel

Ghost_4's picture

oh men there no available on philippines :( i go every mall there no simple plan just justin bieber and bruno mars. the gay one why philippines always dont have? even no pads no helmet just balls or still not getting any

toadrocket's picture

awesome album cant wait to buy it!

franzhexa's picture

love this album

Luvinsimpleplan's picture

I love you guys so much.Thankyou for being awesome!!!

Tanja's picture

excellent album :D the best song this song save my life :) gone too soon, never should have let you go :D

maryl's picture

fantastic and sooo chui! xP

Fiorella's picture

Hols soy de peru .. tengo 18 años.. los escucho desde que tenia 08 añitos identifico mucho con ustedes. por cada cancion quecantanme identifico mucho amo el rock.. x ustedes.. xfavor vengan a peru los amo

scaledust103's picture

awesome album!!!

Sophie Carlbrant's picture

This is the first record of a band that I have a big interest in. That's huge to me! Thank you for being awesome!

Patyto_SP's picture

I love this new album was a big change and if I run I love this new style ... Thanks guys for your music so great, are the best that can exist in the world of music.
I love

anthony's picture

this album was the biznitch it was off the walls i love it it's the greatest since their no..pads no...balls album. please keep it coming.

habilis's picture

Love this album

Lil Shortie's picture

omg, im obessed with jet lag. it is so amazing :.D

Sonia's picture

Wow,wow,wow !!! Quel album !!! The best I've ever heard !!!! Je l'écoute sans arrêt depuis bientôt 4 mois :) La première fois que j'achète un album et que j'écoute TOUTES les chansons !!!

Sabrii's picture

I already buy the CD is just FANTASTIC!! Good job boys! and yup i cry when i put the cd and i saw the video of you saying to me thanks you :)

Lil Shortie's picture

i love all your songs in this album. but my favourites would have to be loser of the year and can't keep my hands off you!

xjheavybokz's picture

love it tudatuda:)

VeroOo's picture

This is my favorite album ever (c'est mon préféré album specialement puisqu'il contient une chanson en francais

Lucia♥SP's picture

This album is fantastic ! ?

fabio silva bouvier's picture

to waiting for you in the SWU brasiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllll

Jonathan Redaelly's picture

to good to be true lol. jk its just simple plan and their awesome music. i love this guys

L_ainhoa_SP's picture


CuteSP's picture

Amazing Songs Guys! LatinAmerica Loves You ;D