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Get Your Heart On!

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June 21, 2011
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Nesa's picture

You've never been to Serbia! Please, visit us. Town - unimportant, ticket price - unimportant, I just wanna listen you live. :)

michie's picture

I love this album!! *-*

Inna ♥ SP's picture

????? ???? ?????? ?????? ????!
I love this album! It's amazing!=)

Nabila K's picture

why you guys never come down to Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia for a concert?=( your fans here misses you..I want to be the first to tell my friends when u guys decided to come down=) much love!!

Nabila K's picture

Please come to Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia and I want to be at the concert as well as meet and greet you guys backstage and please do a concert hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Nabila K's picture

you guys are just guys came into my life at the right time and place=) I was officially graduated from high school and that's when i was searching for myself and u guys helped me through and I cant thanked enough!! xx

mariianaz's picture

just have one word!!! AMAZING!.... u rock guys

Gaby_4's picture

me encantan todas las canciones!!!!! chicos son lo máximo!!!!
felicidades desde ECUADOR!!!!!

Elise_SP's picture

Je l'attendais depuis tellement longtemps ! L'avoir dans les mains le 21 juin, ça a embellit ma journée ! ?

Karina Parker's picture

Album SUPER!!!!!!! =))) Thank you!!!!=*

Anni's picture

i loooooove this album. but i wouldn't be able to pick my fave album by Simple Plan. Each is unique and special.

Laiza Machado's picture

OMG! Amo todas as músicas dos 4 cds deles! (:

Punk-monkey's picture

Génial le feat avec Rivers Cuomo, étant fan de Weezer et SP, je suis ravi :D

dzintra15's picture

latvia love you

mimesonic's picture

I can't keep my hands off this album :)

Mizuki's picture

I love your music:) Please come to Japan again!

Sassi's picture

what a wonderful music *.* I love it. you are a so beautiful band. keep on

JULIO's picture

i like it..................

andrew_the_punker's picture

I lor your music,guys!It helped me to get over depression......Like a song title"This song saved my life"....I hope I can see you in Romania......

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Just Ann's picture

I love you so much! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Russia!!!

LeslieA's picture

J'adore votre album, vous avez énormement de talent! ;D

Lyn Oliveira's picture

the best... ?

Salsabila Taufik's picture

craziest album ever!! but i love it.. :)

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Wanbe Chksut's picture

Wooow this is something that every body got to listen this whole album!! It's cool! I'm loving it!

heartshred's picture

Best album of the year

Lia's picture

Love you since , idk, since i'm 8 or so , and i'm 18 now.. please come to Portugal.. lot of fans here .. thank you for all your amazing work, that help me smiling when i'm down .. :D*

Gab Tañedo's picture

i really love your songs and your band, i just want to know if all those songs are inspired by your own life .. heheh ..

Gab Tañedo's picture

SimpLe pLan kepps on rocking for the past 12 years, which makes you guys number one in me .. i wish i couLd taLk to you someday .. anyway, i'm from the Philippines ..