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Get Your Heart On!

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June 21, 2011
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Jeannedre Bouwer's picture

Im All the way From South-Africa and i must say i had the chance to see you guys perform once in my country and after this album you have definitely, become one of my favorite guys can basically pull anything off..i must give respect to each one of you, you are all great musicians and i am proud to say i am a, S I M P L E P L A N F A N .....thank you so much for giving me such a thrill when listening to this album, and keep up the good work...much respect keep well..

Jeannedre Bouwer From

mairita's picture

I live in Latvian but I still love simple plan

Courtney's picture

love it

JayceeSP07's picture

u guys are epic!

macka's picture

please come to Chile.. i wait for you! ?

naito senshin's picture

would be perfect if they had the bonus tracks listed lol

priz azure's picture

awesome .. :D

Lena3's picture

I Love this album especially the song Gone too soon :) Very good guys! See you in Germany

Didi Guillermo's picture

i love the song GONE TOO SOON !!!! :)

hesuckatlove's picture

there isnt a song that isnt epic. it is simply fascinating. :D

ffuckyeah's picture

I can't get bored of listening to this album, BEST ALBUM EVER!

Chaffiizz's picture

the song of this song saved my life this incredible I love simple plan

Chaffiizz's picture mexico city please pierre love u

Chaffiizz's picture

come to mexico city pleaseeeee!!!!

SPsavedLo's picture

simple plan is all. The best forever very very nice album

LoveSimplePlan's picture

I love this album , it's the best

I love Simple Plan (L)

sofi_2's picture

i love this album soooo much! feel connected with each song!!
please come to argentinaaa, i really want to see u!!

-ini-'s picture

it is the best album!! very good :)
i love it.

Momi's picture

MOMI SAYS (jun 20, 2011 )
I loooooooooooooooooooooove this album especially astronaut when i feel alone i hear it ;D



with best wishes C:

Glenn's picture

Freaking love you fellas, you's have to come tour down under at austrlia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would kill too see you's live in concert!!!! :D

F00sker's picture

nice album ! song is awesome! simple plan hello guys:D love you

florSP's picture

omg this album is amazing! please come to argentina i love you guys

andrew_the_punker's picture

IS an amazing album,guys!my favorite song is "Summer Paradise"!you are so awsome......

prmr_ana_sp's picture

awesomee... i just have no words!

Invisible_June's picture

I really like this album!

Michael Valmonte's picture

You changed my life!!

Liana Renda's picture

I love these people! Your songs are just amazing! :D I love the fact how your songs are about kids who feel lost and depressed, but your songs just understood everything feeling! :D Keep up the good work! You guys really changed my life around!! XOXO

HarryBradbury's picture

what a band!!! when are you in the UK?? :D

LonelyZebra's picture

Love you guys! Awesome album!!!

Belu's picture

Loved the album! When are you coming to Argentina!????!!