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Get Your Heart On!

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June 21, 2011
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Marianna's picture

You suck at love

SIMPLE PLAN♥'s picture

I count the days! :D

toni8150's picture

ten days!!! woooooot!! cant wait!! luv u guys!

loribellz's picture

I can not wait for this album to come out, i remember being a freshman in high school and everyone saying i wouldn't be a fan in 5 years, i am proud to say, that was 8 years ago still the biggest fan ever can't wait to buy this album and see you guys play in Minnesota finally again!

Jynii stinco lefebvre's picture

xD!! I'm so excited to know they are great new songs that we love you guys submit

Jessiica11's picture

CantWait xD !!!

Bishy1993's picture

Only 6 Days, so excited :D
I would really love to hear all the songs you guys wrote during the making of this album :)

alexisbello's picture

i want to buy this album!!!

Adam Widi's picture

I want all the songs simple plan :D ahhaha yeah, simple plan

Addiction to Rock's picture

Come to Madagascar, one day, to play your magical music !!!

The_Grimm_Reaper's picture

you guys make me smile keep up the good music and holland will be yours

Rikkeiris's picture

LOOOOOVE the singles !! Cant wait for the entire album

Triffid3657's picture

Come to Vancouver B.C.!!! I wanna see you guys live! It would be amazing if you could come :D Me and my friend Nicole love you guys :) Your music had helped me through some rough times :) ?!

EvelynArg's picture

Argentina loves you!! :D

funkyXD's picture

please come to israel agen ! ::):):)

blackz's picture

I wave guys come to mexico
simple plan we want to see another look at
the scenery, Mexicon

kalpit18's picture

guys plz come to INDIA !!!!

Cris95's picture

Cant wait!!!!!! I lovee youu all! You should come to Colombia :) Great place :D

Chantel's picture


iiel's picture

i like this is.....................................SP we love u..

Viqita's picture

hi guys, I really like the new songs! I'd love to know when it comes to uruguay
could you tell me?
thanks, I?SP

noraastronaut's picture

i love thiz song,,,
Get Ur heart on!!

Ivtrys's picture

you guys rocks !!
i love you all, can't wait for Get Your Heart On !!

xOxO from Nicaragua !!

fanfanfan101's picture

Its weird that my mom gets out of prison the same day that the new album comes out.

LissaBlasdell's picture

i cant wait to hav the new album :) i hope it comes soon i pre order it a month ago lol

Natalia De León's picture

Can't wait for Get Your Herat On! Are you guys coming to Mexico soon?

MegaDubbelD's picture

My friend has the full version of you suck at love!
Watch Now:

lêe tiemi's picture

can't wait for Get You Heart On!
and i can't wait for u guys here in Sao Paulo - Brazil

Astronaut_Sue's picture

can't wait till June 24.
3 days I have to wait longer.. :'-(

TakumaDemonReborn's picture