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Get Your Heart On!

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June 21, 2011
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LissaBlasdell's picture

i cant wait to hav the new album :) i hope it comes soon i pre order it a month ago lol

Natalia De León's picture

Can't wait for Get Your Herat On! Are you guys coming to Mexico soon?

MegaDubbelD's picture

My friend has the full version of you suck at love!
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lêe tiemi's picture

can't wait for Get You Heart On!
and i can't wait for u guys here in Sao Paulo - Brazil

Astronaut_Sue's picture

can't wait till June 24.
3 days I have to wait longer.. :'-(

TakumaDemonReborn's picture
oelngatikameie's picture

its gonna be amazing... =)

marc_2's picture

You suck at love best song ever. its on youtube go listen

Elias Gómez's picture

Guys I just can't wait to hear astronaut is the song that I'm waiting for!!! :) Also I can't wait for the new album!!! June 21st :D

marshmallow's picture

yay...cant wait for freaking me out cause I love SP & ATL

ClassyCassie12's picture

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR JUNE 21!!!!!!!!!!!! I am counting down the days!!!!!!!!!!

Luciana's picture

Hermosos temas, me encanta esta gran banda, soy de Argentina y no veo la hora de que esten aca para ir a verlos


Despair's picture

I really wanna hear "Freaking Me Out" cause I love both Simple plan & All Time Low songs , so yeah I really wanna see how they sound like together :P

Lauriepal's picture

sont vrm bonne vos chansons (good music)

naiimaSP1D's picture

I don't know all of the songs in this album but i still love it!!!! ;D

vladislav's picture

nonononono!!!19 days)))

mariian_spfd182's picture

just 20 days more!!! :D so excited!! :D

looking forward to listening to Freakin Me Out.. my 2 fave bands singing together = life made :D
I only hope they world-wide tour together.. POUAHHH! XD

lucy16's picture


surya spcrew's picture

awesome. . . !! Huaa. .

Oktri SP's picture

I LIKE IT....???

DarlingTheif's picture

Waiting for the album! WTF? Where is Denver, Co? I must see you all live! Favorite band in the world. I love you guys!

Valushii's picture

I love you Simple Plan ? When are you coming to Argentina?

marshmallow's picture

another day without you with me is like a blade that cuts right trough me, and I cant wait forever...wanna see u guys now...I cant wait to see you LIIVE in Switzerland this summer...Im so excited

xanderkan's picture

can't wait for this album~hey guys, come to hong kong this summer!! :D

Anda Putra Maslyta's picture

I've been waiting for this

izzy95's picture

really can't wait for you guys to come to hong kong this summer! :D

Reuti's picture

Is that album will be sold in Israel ? please please !!

MegaDubbelD's picture

My friend has the full version of you suck at love!
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lucy16's picture

i hope you come to argentina this year

Acathlat's picture

Je veux pas être chauvin mais c'est quand même bien quand Pierre chante "Jet Lag" en français! Il n'existe pas beaucoup de groupe français de ce genre chantant dans la langue de Molière alors ça serait ben de persévérer!! Merci Simple Plan pour ce nouvel opus! Amitié aux cousins Québécois!