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Get Your Heart On!

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June 21, 2011
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Diian's picture

i love you guys!!!!!
please come to mexico city!!!!

william bronson's picture

william Bronson
cant wait for new album, and even better seeing you guys at relentless london june 8th even if its a round trip of 450 miles driving the addrenalin will be flowing and we will be singing. Every song as been a great song as we've heard them from the new album.Brilliant.

Lindsey Trimble's picture

you guy's rock my world..;)

SP_Fann's picture

Why don't you guys comes to Belgium ? =(

3nkwasser's picture

my God, it was amazing :D

Wilson's picture

2 Thumbs up.. ^^


oh my god!!! "only" 30 days until the new cd come out!!! >.<

hadar ♥'s picture

come back to isreal!!

zaza3120's picture

Please come to Lyon in France !
We are waiting for you!!!

Attack's picture

were's famous for nothing??? i loved the demo!!

Tiffany_SP's picture

Did they removed 'famous for nothing'?

Miss Juune's picture

Je suis super préssée que l'album sorte en France!!!!!!!!!!!
Jet Lag est super, je connais déjà presque toutes les paroles de la chanson par coeur!!!

MaFer's picture

This will be awesome!!!

MaDdiElovesSP's picture

What about Just around the Corner ?? But my boyfriend is going to Washington DC in three days....and you can bet when he leaves i'll be listening to Jet Lag a million times!!! I already do though because I love it !! :D

Luis Abril SP's picture

one month!!!

Ayelén's picture

i can´t waaaait

The Black Rose's picture

Can't wait especially for This song saved my life since Simple Plan saved my life with I'm Just a kid, Loser of the Year is going to be amazing and Freakin Me Out! I think Alex Gaskarth will do a really great job and will combine well with SP

nicole214's picture

I thought Famous For Nothing and Just Around the Corner was going to be on the new CD. And I want the Twitter song to be a bonus track to the album, too. xD

RedRaven's picture

I love You Suck At Love, its going to be my break up song. lol There are a few people I feel really deserve this as their theme song. And I laughed when I heard the ending of the song. "You were such an awesome ...Whoa!" lol

LAURA_SP's picture

Wow! All songs are awesome. RULES

Astronaut_Sue's picture

all songs are amazing! you suck at love is great, it rocks.
but is K'naan not the man who sings in "wavin' flag"?

LauryKeys's picture

I love can't keeps my hands off you !!!

Jean Carlo's picture

jet lag is an amazing song ! simple plan still rocks !

nitita's picture

wiii i love it

KarineB's picture

Venez a Gatineau tabarouette ! J'mennuie moi :(

zdravcheto's picture

Please come to Bulgaria!!! :)))

mariksaa's picture

Come to Bulgaria! :))

Elisabeth de Montreal's picture

This album is going to rock!

Thays Merchioratto's picture

I'm reeeeeeally excited about the new album! It reminds me "no pads..."!!
And, of course... couldn't miss: come to rio de janeiro! we miss you and i love yoou so much! s2

Iheartspforeva's picture

I am so excied about the new cd. It will be awesome!