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Get Your Heart On!

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June 21, 2011
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Haizea_2's picture

I love the front of the cd! It's rock!

Emm3's picture

Yes come to Sweden! :]]

tess_5's picture

come to sweden !! :D

sp anime's picture

this is one of the few things that keep me hanging on these days:) Love simple plan

Nathalia_3's picture

Seriously you guys rock!
I just cant wait till June 21. :O
Simple plan is my favourite band for like.. 6/7 years i think.. well for a long time :')

Tiffany_SP's picture

Jetlag and You suck at love are awsome ! I can't wait to buy the new album guys !

Charles_4's picture

I saw the show at Montreal when they singed their new songs... They are great!!

lizechelon583's picture

desperately waiting for this album to be released! :)

maria_7's picture

Can't keep my hands off you

Kinder's picture

Svp, sortez la toune : you suck at love...! Je vous en suplie ! XD , Elle est bien trop bonne .. Jvais finir par briser le bouton play.... :(

vavarockz17's picture

j'ai trop hate au 21 juin!et svp venez a sept-iles!

Andréa Bouvier_2's picture

Jet lag

OCCA's picture

can't wait to hear Summer Paradise !!

Weeda's picture

junse 21st is my birthday
i feel so happy :")

Complicatedplan_2's picture

accio june 21st!

ardy sapari's picture

more songs' teaser please

wonderingAlien's picture

Yeah Baby

.Rohh's picture

June is coming! I need to hear the album *-*

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jesreal darwin's picture

i cant wait to hear their new songs....!!!!!

Addicted SP's picture

i heard them trust me everyone, they are absolutly amazing!!! Astronaut and this song saved my life and going to be the most loved one,promess

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Caitlin pare's picture

Gaaaaah! You have NO idea how excited i was to hear you have a NEW ALBUM!

surya spcrew's picture

lllllllleeeeeeeeooovvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee iitttttttt.................

keana_SPforever's picture

j'ai trop hâte au 21 Juin 2011
été+nouveau cd de Simple Plan=trop cool

bluemoon's picture

can't get Jet Lag out of my mind.... but doesn't matter as this song is so awesome....

ArIEf chUlEtAwAE's picture

I Love U So................^.^

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Rhea's picture

Can't wait for this album! It's gonna be so goood! ;)

Darwind's picture

You Suck At Love !! im singing that fuckin song without listen to it even ! Sp