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Simple Plan

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Average: 4.9 (214 votes)
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February 12, 2008
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Tanja's picture

the best album you've released so far, my favorite :) :D
I hope that the next album will be similar to this one :)
the best songs from this album are The end, No love, Save you, Holding On , Love Is A Lie and What If .

LeslieA's picture

C'est fou, je peux pas dire quelle chanson est ma préféré.. I Can Wait Forever..? Time To Say Goodbye..? Take My Hand, je crois.. Ou sans doute les trois. Mais j'adore Generation aussi. Enfin bref, tout vos albums sont extraordinaires, et celui-ci :-O Chaque chanson ont un truc qui me fait fondre! Merci! Je vous adore?

HarryBradbury's picture

best album of all time..

hellpark's picture

i love simple plan. i love there song, videos etc hehe .. my mind can easily recognised there song when i heard it in radio....there music is unique ..i can see you live soon at philippines...xoxox

ilymt's picture

i love this album in song songs it alittle different sounding from their usual stuff but still epic!!

Leticia_6's picture

the best album! I love "i can wait forever"

_kezia_'s picture

lab this album!

lety95astronaut's picture

i love "Time To Say Goodbye "!!!! ^^

maqiar's picture

love this album :)

Hannah971's picture

love love love it n loved since it came out n still lovin it

CrystalVixen's picture

Awesome CD

JayceeSP07's picture

luv this album!

priz azure's picture

SAVE YOU is the most moving songs on this album

Lara. ♥'s picture

Les chansons , elle sont toute parfaite je les aime trooooooooop ! Je pourrais les écouter 20000 fois sans jamais me lasser de se groupe. ?

prmr_ana_sp's picture

this CD its amazing (:

nhrdrmsgl's picture

I think save you is the best

Casich SP's picture

Great album, really! Love it :3

amphness03's picture

Generation is the best song .. :))

mgg121's picture

I loooove this album *-* I i have all the four simple plan albums

aditya's picture

this album was so great like their first n second album

SPAstronaut_2's picture

I just looooove this album :D the best one with Still Not Getting Any!!
My favourite songs are Take my hand, Generation, and No Love, but they're all amazing!
Simple Plan is the best band EVER!!

Storm Watson's picture

i have this one on my moms Itunes :DDDDDDD

still_not_get_enough's picture

I love your music!!! your songs are amazing!!! :D It means so much to me!!! :D

Christina_8's picture

the 3th album 'SIMPLE PLAN' is definitely my favorite!!!! the best album ever! the most beautiful songs! I like GYHO but SIMPLE PLAN is the best)))))

NatalieLove's picture

This album is really beautiful. It shows your artistic side. The songs are so meaningful and powerful, yet it still has that old Simple Plan feel. Songs like "Save You" and "Holding On" really touched me and gave me a feeling that no song ever gives me, it likes fills my body up and it's just amazing. I just want to thank you for creating something so beautiful and heart-felt. You all really outdid yourselves. Simple Plan, you all make my heart smile. :)

SP_Fan_'s picture

This album is really amazing! All great songs! :D

noraastronaut's picture

I LOuVV Time to say GOOdbye......

Everythingz off SIMPLE PLAn I lovvveee Ittttttttttt...........

Joppa_sp's picture

"Save you" is one of the most amazing songs you've ever written!! There are so many emotions in it, and it helped me during a tough period.. So thank you xxoo

mariian_spfd182's picture

i freakin love this album, all the songs are SO good or what?? :D
was really impressed when i first listened to it

Joao Guilherme's picture