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Simple Plan

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Average: 4.9 (214 votes)
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February 12, 2008
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Bishy1993's picture

I reckon you guys did a pretty good job with this album :)

RockGirl98's picture

No Love saved my life. So did Welcome To My Life. Simple Plan writes such good songs! I love them so much

Venzz SPcrew's picture

Love You Simple Plan !!!
Come again in Indonesia, please !!

Joao Guilherme's picture

simple plan, i love it

Hizteryan's picture

where is "running out of time" .. ??

MaDdiElovesSP's picture

I love this album soooo much!!

RedRaven's picture

Okay, so I have to be truly honest. Between Still Not Getting Any... and Simple Plan. I stopped paying attention to any Simple Plan news. I still listened to their first two cds, and I stilll liked them. and when they came to Calgary Stampede for the second time, my older sister forced me to go. I, in my head felt it would be like going to a Backstreet Boy or Spice Girl concert when youre not a teeny bopper anymore. And I didnt know any of there new songs either. But I went with her. And after The New Cities (who are awesome too) left the stage and Simple Plan came on stage, I fell in love all over again with them.

This cd I found was truly amazing. Generation, Love is a Lie, When Im Gone and The End! Are fantastic songs. And from No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls to Simple Plan, you can tell how much they have grown through their music. They are amazing musicians. And I'm proud to have been a fan since 2001, and a revamped fan since 2008.

Astronaut_Sue's picture

I love this hairstyle of pierre.
and the songs on this album where different then the ones I listen before
but ALSO great
it's just more love
about love you can write the most.
"You're love is a lie" is one of my favourite songs from this album
you can often hear it on the radio :)
and do you know that pierre maybee wrote "i can wait forever" for his girlfriend?

Laura_12's picture

C'est mon album préféré même si les autres sont bien. Mais celui là reste mon chouchou. Parfait en toutes situations....

sp anime's picture

I think Pierre's hair looked best during this time frame, he looked younger but not too young, but so says the person who has crazy blue haired miku as an avatar... I LOVE PIERRE!

Charles_4's picture

This is a great album

Christina_8's picture

the best album ever! it's our SIMPLE PLAN!

golden's picture

I can wait forever

golden's picture

My Favourite Album I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN

kristenmay's picture

Underrated album. My favorite.

Cellynapaixao's picture

My favorite Album ever

Laura C's picture

This album means a lot to me.... the first song I heard from Simple Plan is the end and I am then addicted to SP :)

thunder_2's picture

another awesome album..well done guys

JanelLa's picture

OMG this album is so good , i got it for my Birthday & i just couldn't stop listening to it .

Elise_91's picture

Je pense que c'est celui que je préfère sur les 3 (/les 3 pour le moment :p) mais je les aime tous!

Sp_Nolove's picture

This is my favorite one!

simple_plan_fan2011's picture

Even though this album marked a huge change in sound, I still love it, I mean its still them, just with a darker melodic sound then the rest, but love it just the same, great music. I own 2 versions of this on cd, and plus i own and red wax record of the album.

Fav Tracks
My Generation
Your Love Is A Lie
Save You
I Can Wait Forever
When Im Gone
Holding On

chubouvier's picture

What If ?

Coreh_LuckyOne's picture

The intro on What If still gets to me! Love this record!!

SOL_3's picture

the best song: time to say goodbye & no love