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Still Not Getting Any

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Average: 4.9 (188 votes)
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October 26, 2004
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Abhranil SP's picture

How could this happen to me...........???

priz azure's picture

"Welcome to my life" The first song I heard SIMPLE PLAN and directly make me fall in love with SP

Austranadian's picture

this album was how i discovered simple plan... I. LOVE. IT. it is that simple.

cami2222's picture

LOVE THIS OMG. This is the one I have signed, and on my shelf. it is forever sacred.

nut_172's picture

this is my fav album!!;D when i was a kid i thought sp was my secet friend becus all the songs inside this album are related with my life.well im the middle never too good to be my parents daughter no matter how hard i try. but i love myself ;D

JanethSP's picture

Welcome to my life & untitled!!

JayceeSP07's picture

luv all ur albums

priz azure's picture

"Welcome to my life" The first song I heard SIMPLE PLAN and directly make me fall in love with SP

-ini-'s picture

untitled is the first song i knew from simple plan... simple plan is my favorite band :)

andrew_the_punker's picture

this album is very col,I hear it now.....I have all albums to

mgg121's picture

I love this album *-* I have all the four simple plan albums :3 Untitled *--*

aditya's picture

shut up shut up shut up! :)

FallenAnqel's picture

I love all the albums x3

Faith case's picture

welcome to my life really did ,save my life:)

Safino's picture

I love this album!!!

Berit598's picture

@ 17 jam-omg yah! they had a couple songs in scooby doo. i luv the theme song i sing it when it comes on abd my sister yells at me

@emilie-me too! its my fave! ive listened to each song like a million times

Emilie_4's picture

this is the album that got me hooked :) SP 4EVER!!

Michaelfendi's picture


leo13min's picture my cover of Perfect World!!!

Fati luv's Sp's picture

the coolest album

angelarocks's picture

i think this is the first cd i ever bought :) either this one or no pads no helmets just balls

GregBonnin's picture

Perfect World !!!

karabear98's picture

welcome to my life describes my life, I was the target for bullies, and now simple plan has helped me through depression.

Eddie's picture

Pour moi, cet album est le meilleur avec le premier !
J'espère retrouver un jour le même style dans les futurs albums, chose qui n'est plus le cas dans les deux derniers.

noraastronaut's picture

Untitled and Everytime is my Lovely songz + Welcome to my life,,,

I Louv Simple Plan!!!!!!!!!!!!

17jam's picture

heyy........ wait a minute i just realize something which albums has dont wanna think about you and whats new scooby doo are on? somebody please respond

Joppa_sp's picture

There are so many amazing songs here!!! I cannot say how much I love this album and how much it helped me!

BlackCherry's picture

Crazy is the best song !

mariian_spfd182's picture

this never gets old!! :D

Dylan Ruble's picture

Simple Plan!!!!!!! hell yeah