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No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls

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March 19, 2002
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JayceeSP07's picture

this is like ur best album!

priz azure's picture

My favorit Album

Lara. ♥'s picture

I'm Just a kid , Addicted , I do Anything , Perfect et One Day sont pour moi les meilleurs chanson de ce super album ! ? (:

alexburns's picture

I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare That me

SPsavedLo's picture

David blond so cute ^^

This musics will never go out of my head

frankie_2's picture

"I'm just a kid" - My first ever favorite song by SP

PowlaXo's picture

First album and probably the greatest of all!! love these songs

analuisa_rawr's picture

I love this songs so much!

mgg121's picture

Addicted *-* I love this album :3

aditya's picture

Perfect n I'd do anything was so great

Hazall's picture

I'd Do Anything,addicted,perfect,When I'm With You :)))

Faith case's picture

perfect saves me no matter what im goin through

loulov182's picture

:D !!

SPfanSince2002's picture

i love the songs When I'm With You, My Alien, and I'd Do ANything...this is my favorite album

Betka's picture

i love their faces :D

never_good_enough's picture

I love the song perfect because my dad has never loved like a daughter and I've never been good enough for him-he loves my brother so much more than me, and its so hard because he used to be so important in my life. This song makes me realise that there are others out there like me. Im sorry I'm not perfect.

angelarocks's picture

i was gunna sing one day to audition for a choir program in 5th grade...i practiced for weeks singing it over and over and then i found out i didnt have to sing a song to audition haha

NatalieLove's picture

This album makes my heart smile :)

Eddie's picture

Cet album est vraiment très bien !
On sent un dynamisme qui nous donne envie de sauter partout, et ça, c'est cool !

Giiirl's picture

Perfect !

Jenifer's picture

ahhh this record brings me soo many good memories....

noraastronaut's picture

I'm just a kid, Addicted,, I'm addicted to SP, and Grow Up,,,,
Pierre, Dave, Seb, Jeff, and Chuck u're soo Coooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll..............................

Joppa_sp's picture

I remember when I found it in a store... I came almost every day and practically made them order it for me!! LOVE IT!!

mariian_spfd182's picture

thank SPgods for this album!!! :'D without this album my life would be nothing!

Charles_4's picture

I'm addicted to SP :)

annelyseguedes's picture

my favorite one!

I like SP's picture

:) I love SP!

allyssaam's picture

favorite album

MaDdiElovesSP's picture

When I was little I heard "I'm just a Kid" and then my mom bought me this album , and ever since i've learned all the songs and i've became a huge fan of Simple Plan and now they are my favorite band ! (: My fav song on this album is Perfect , but what the hell I love them all!! (:

RedRaven's picture

This is the one that started it all. Ive loved them ever since I heard Addicted and Im just a kid. This is an amazing cd. The only song I didnt really like, but I will still listen to it, and I know the words to is My Alien...Im so curious to how this song came to be. lol Addicted has to be my ultimate fave on the song. And after finding out they were from my Hometown of Montreal, I loved them that much more.