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Simple Plan on the Warped Tour (Day 1)

Simple Plan on the Warped Tour (Day 1)

Average: 4.8 (19 votes)
Posted by: Amanderz

SP arrive in Dallas for the first stop on the 2011 Warped Tour

SP arrive in Dallas for the first stop on the 2011 Warped...

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on June 28, 2011 - 10:28am
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SP arrive in Dallas for the first stop on the 2011 Warped Tour

Average: 4.8 (19 votes)


xxmandyedwrzxx's picture

Are you guys coming to NYC?!?! Or did you come and I missed you guys? D: Plz respond ASAP b/c i love you guys forever!! Live long SP!!

Giulia's picture

amazing video!! ;)

Marya's picture


Jessika's picture

Ahhh, j'aurais voulu y être ! Bravo les gars et j'ai déjà hâte que vous repassiez à QUEBEC ! Le festival d'été me semble si loin déjà !

Sorayaaa's picture

I sometimes wonder how old they are ;p 30 or 20 xP ?

Macaa's picture

An amazing video !! Guys U Rock XoXo

Brianna_2's picture

Warped tour was amazing....i went to both the chicago and the milwaukee shows. So sad its over...i met them twice and they are some cool dudes.

jfree's picture

What songs did they play at warped tour?? I'm so excited to see you guys in Virginia Beach!!

SPAstronaut413's picture

Went to Warped Tour, u guys should've had Warped Tour day 3 (San Antonio) vid I was there it was awesome.Y'all were amazing and i caught a guitar pick from y'all.

Hauntedbyyou's picture

hahah I love it when they make a videos, they are so funny

Torrie_Wong_HK's picture

if it happens in Hong Kong, I will be there n wait for u guys

Caaith's picture

I saw some pretty cool t-shirts out there! :O O yeah, and some pretty cool guys too. ;D

seb-astronaut's picture

amazing vlog!

Natty_Bat's picture

i was there!!!!! FUN times!!! i

sushii's picture

niceeeeeeeee :)

McLoaderLungs's picture

I wanna go to the warped tour

marshmallow's picture

awww i wish i was there!

MaximumRide's picture

Come back to Calgary!

SPThailand's picture

Sawasdee Simple plan.when you Tour Asia(Thailand).Miss You SP.

Fer_SP's picture

I LOVE SP!!!!! ?????

Carol Mandarino's picture

Very nice! I totally want this in Brasil :)

nikki2514's picture

Saw then in Las Cruces yesterday & it was an amazing show!!! I loved it. & I'm glad SEB remembered me when they where doing all the signing & there was a long line. & I got wished a happy birthday from them. I love your music. It's helped me a lot. =DD Thank you for a wonderful experience yesterday. Oh yeah & I got to kiss DAVID!!!!!!

Arly's picture

I just saw them yesterday in Las Cruces, they were awesome with me and the show was amazing

DrBiznanas's picture

oh yea! best day ever! simple plan is beast those guys awesome

whatshername_3's picture

yeah! dirtbikes! :D

marcybouvier's picture

Another awesome vlog! Well done Pierre

Kayla ShaDay's picture

I love watching these videos! Fabulous!

Betha's picture

OMG ! Pierre, you're so hot ! Stop pls , u wanna kill us !

Betha's picture

The song Last One Standing ;) Love ya guys s2

LoOpXy's picture

i just love how the signing thing there is so calm... it would never happen here, people is crazy here... thats why i will be going there to see you soon... i hope