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Track by Track: Summer Paradise

Track by Track: Summer Paradise

Average: 4.9 (21 votes)
Posted by: Amanderz

Simple Plan talk about their track "Summer Paradise" ft. K'Naan

Simple Plan talk about their track "Summer Paradise" ft. K'...

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on June 17, 2011 - 9:29am
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Simple Plan talk about their track "Summer Paradise" ft. K'Naan

Average: 4.9 (21 votes)


janDark xD's picture

la-la-ta-ta-ta xD
luv dis sing

Nae's picture

This is one of my favorite songs that ya'll have done. I totally agree with ya'll that its a different feel from what ya'll have done in the past but i freaking LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

MC_BB_TEENY's picture

DAVID, nice hat.. it's really summer paradise.....

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Ahah David ! :)

Laly ♥'s picture

Yeah David! ^^
You're so right! ;)

rstephany_2's picture

Hahah i loved what seb said plz tell him hehe

Kay_Olina's picture

I really need this song right now! Because it's so stormy and rainy all the time here in Poland and this song just takes me somewhere warm and sunny ... to my own Summer Paradise! I'd really love to see video to this song it would be so cool :)

leian's picture

i really like your summer paradise good to hear ....
i like the rap nice guys!!!


i like all the songs of this album but this is my fav makes me feel happy :D

geraldaisy's picture

Easily a top favorite SP track of all time.

sunny julia's picture

summer, sun, fun.. i love it!!!! :)

Kaat's picture

say lalatatataa =D

LoOpXy's picture

i really feel like going to the beach with this song :)

niki732's picture

LOVE you guys

Fati luv's Sp's picture

i really love u guys

MaximumRide's picture

Fantastic song! Simple Plan, you can never not sound like Simple Plan and I'm very thankful for that. This song is great, unique but still SP!

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angelccf's picture

Futur hit d'été!!!!! :D

reverse342's picture

I really enjoy this song very very much! =D

lexie18's picture

I know how you feel Sed. everytime I'm sad, I feel alone, when something bad happens at school, or just wanna die your music always makes me feel better. Thank you and I hope you guys come to Mercedes TX sometime (3