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Simple Plan - Track by Track: Astronaut

Simple Plan - Track by Track: Astronaut

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Posted by: Amanderz

Simple Plan talk about "Astronaut" from the upcoming album Get Your Heart On! (Pre-Order now:

Simple Plan talk about "Astronaut" from the upcoming album...

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on May 31, 2011 - 9:02pm
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Simple Plan talk about "Astronaut" from the upcoming album Get Your Heart On! (Pre-Order now:

Average: 5 (17 votes)


VampireDreamer's picture

Astronaut is my favorite song. I love it so much. I tend to feel alone a lot and this song makes me feel like I'm not. Its amazing how well it gets the message "you are not alone" through. :)

rosethivierge's picture

i think chuck didn't really knew what to say :)

Nae's picture

LOVE it :D ya'll got a winner with this song!

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Astronaut, une de mes chansons préférées de l'album. ?

Jess4896's picture

I don't have anything more to say than i absolutely LOVE this song

SPAstronaut_2's picture

I think Astronaut is my favourite song on GYHO, it just explains so well this feeling, and I'm sure everyone has felt this way at least once in their life, so everybody can relate to it...

Lauren Nebel's picture

Out of all the songs on this CD this song gets stuck in my head the most and i love it. Thanks guys for making an awesome song that i want to keep listening to everyday.


tara3'sSP's picture

Simple Plan really should make a video for this song because I believe that it is one of the most popular songs on the new album, plus its my favourite and it would just be really cool to see how the band portrayed song. All the fans, I'm sure, have different things that they think of when they listen to the song and it'd just be cool to see what Simple Plan thought of when they listened to the song.

XxLostInStereoxX's picture

Love the new album, but this is by far, my favorite song. It has been from the first second I heard it. It's just beautiful, and relatable (though all your songs have been for me, for the most!). As I say often, your music says everything I wish I knew how to say so eloquently.
This song just makes so much sense to me, and probably will for a very long time. It just clicked with me immediately, and I have to thank you for that.

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eastersou's picture

i just love the new album ??? i love you guys !!!!!!!

Manye's picture

This song is ... THE song I think. (I write this before Seb says it !)
It says absolutely how I feel ...
And it's like an anthem for fans ... To know that we're not alone. Yes, maybe we are in different countries but we're feeling the same way. All Simple Plan fans are Astronauts and this song .. Just says that we're like a big family in which each member lives in a different city or country.

To quote you in another song : "We are one." ?

Kaat's picture

I just love the song . It helped me through a tough time. Thanks guys for making it!

LoOpXy's picture

i think it is a deep song a simple plan´s deep great song... of course, loved it

Joee's picture

Astronaut !! I love the song is like Welcome to my life but more special :'D love it

Jenifer's picture

it's amazing how this guys can go straight to my heart... that´s why i've been your fan for seven years!! thank you Simple Plan thank you for everything...

Sun's picture

LOVE it! I think this gonna be my FAVOURITE song of GET YOUR HEART ON!

Carol Mandarino's picture

My god! I do not have time for anything! I wanted to watch these videos! haha
Actually, I just have time to come here and say I love you and I'm missing you guys a lot!
Come back soon to Rio de Janeiro! Get back in the summer ...
You always complain that it's raining here hahah
xo :}

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Dunno's picture

I'm proud of listening astronaut

theuntitled's picture

wh yi liv ein germany?

Jared Ching's picture

Awesome SongS!

deeCDN's picture

? love you guys so much! can't wait for the new album!

:D ?

Nads_SP's picture

Astronaut already is one of my fave SP songs