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Jet Lag ft. Natasha Bedingfield (Official Video)

Jet Lag ft. Natasha Bedingfield (Official Video)

Average: 4.8 (131 votes)
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SP WebCrew

New Album Get Your Heart On! Pre-Order Now:

New Album Get Your Heart On! Pre-Order Now:...

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on May 10, 2011 - 8:00pm
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New Album Get Your Heart On! Pre-Order Now:

Average: 4.8 (131 votes)


achile46's picture

J'aime autant la version française que celle en anglais. Amazing!!

Rati_bunny's picture

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! and the song is so me as I love travelling too much!

Kymberlee.'s picture

My friends hate talking to me about going to other countries now because whenever they mention time zones or not being able to sleep, I burst into singing this song at the top of my lungs.
So worth it, though.

im.SPAstronaut's picture

All the day i'm singing " my heart heart heart is so jetlagged" HAHAHAA REALLY! & the videoo MFG! i loveed

Peachgirlgal's picture

I loooooooove this song so much

Lorenz's picture

this video is awesome!

NEVEROUZ♠'s picture

this is a Real video ..

MissMusic's picture

wow amazing this video i cannot wait the time as exit in Italy the Cd lol Xd

Agung THE SP FAN's picture

whooooaaaaahhhh,, good song

Adam Widi's picture

amazing, i'm late to give comment, but, i have the song :D hahahaha
nice song , go simple plan

JERRY's picture

wish they'd come to Binghamton NY sometime or somehwere somewhat close to Oneonta,even Darien Lake or WATERTOWN OR SOMETHING,THIS BAND ABSOLUTELY ROCKS

PinkPanda's picture

Thank you. I have never heard anyone describe my relationship so perfectly. So wonderful to hear a song that says everything I feel.

Wolfygirl14's picture

LOVE:) Right there ^^

SabrinaCupcake's picture


Leylan's picture

I..i..I.. love it!!!! Wow the video i breathtaking.... love you lot guys XOX!!!!!

Liam Downey's picture

No. 9 on the Australia Itunes charts!

NaahSaiki's picture

owwn my favorite soong *-*
Pieeerre i love u so much, miss u here in Brazil ?

mad_skater_chick's picture

Love the Video =) cant wait for the album to come out! Hopefully you guys will be touring in birmingham soon!!!!! xoxo

Ade Wahyuni's picture

suer, really love SP

Tosha's picture

David and pierre

assnugget101's picture

awesome song marie is better

calypso-olya's picture

It's cool video

assnugget101's picture

awesome video

loovemeback's picture

I loved the video. I can not stand the new CD comes out!

DeathEater365's picture

I wanna walk through an airport someday while listening to Jet Lag on my iPod and imagine myself as Pierre.. xP

Monse's picture

i love simple plan i love this video i love everything about them!!!

skyrockin's picture

it's good, but marie mai's version is warmer and sexier...just saying!;) great chorus guys

Erin_2's picture

I don't usually really like Natasha Bedingfield all that much, but I think she was perfect in this. This song is so perfect! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blair's picture

Love it. Love it. End of story. So much better than the video I've been playing in my head since the song came out.

zuzka's picture

so perfect !! ;)