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Save You (Official Video)

Save You (Official Video)

Average: 5 (29 votes)
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SP WebCrew

© 2008 WMG
Save You

© 2008 WMG
Save You

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on May 7, 2011 - 8:00pm
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© 2008 WMG
Save You

Average: 5 (29 votes)


Holly Williams's picture

I might not be a cancer survivor... but i'm currently battling it. It's been a long time since i've listened to this song, and once again its made me feel better. Just like the lyrics in 'This Song Saved My Life', "I turn you up, whenever i feel down. You let me know like no one else, that it's okay to be myself." Even when battling cancer brings me down, i always find a way to cheer myself up... with Simple Plan. So, thank you Simple Plan for helping me through the worst of it!

Key AmeLia's picture

i'm not a cancer survivor,but this is the song that saved my life..woke me up n give me the power to fight back..fight from bullying done by my ex-boyfriend..this song came up right at the time...thanks SP for saving my life :')

inSwirl's picture

I really love this song >.

Milan_2's picture

this song is not available for my island :/

spazekat's picture

Bloody beautiful song and even better video.

Tazia's picture

Will always LOVE

Storm Reverie's picture nice to wake up to on a monday morning work day...:-)

Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Magnifique! :3

Valeria Basuki's picture

my favorite song~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

NaathalieLoveSP's picture

J'aime beaucoup les paroles, la chanson est fantastique.. Si j'avais le cancer, j'écouterais volontière votre chanson pour me remettre sur le piton comme on pourrait dire :)

Kimberly's picture

such a moving video. love it!

Manye's picture

Everytime I watch this video or listen to this song, I cry. I remember when I listened to Simple Plan (the album) for the first time. When I heard "Save You", I thought it was the best song of the whole album. I still think that it is. That's one of the songs which I listen the most. It really means something to me. It give me strength to pull through. ?

Jay and Pierre have the same cute smile :) ?

simplebouvierfan's picture

idk y but when he leans like that his neck looks saggy like cuz hes been singing but not like saggy long

nhrdrmsgl's picture

my favourite song,i cant tell how much it means to me

andrew_the_punker's picture

very,very,very expresive song,and the video is touching.I love that song!

IloveSimplePlan_2's picture

This is my favourite song!! It just that I want to do.

still_not_get_enough's picture

always wanted to say thank you: I love the song!!! I love the video!!!
it´s so touching!!! oO
I´m so sry for what happend to you oO

Moo's picture

This is my favourite Simple Plan song i love it so much. it just describes my life

Wolfygirl14's picture

No words to describe how much this song means to me. Thank You for your songs, Simple Plan. You Rock.

PV's picture

essa musica é incrivel, e a letra passa uma mensagem muito boa.

mencar1686's picture

belle mélodie et message à couper le souffle.... ça me fais penser à ma mère (survivante de cancer depuis 12 ans), j'adore votre façon de faire une diffé

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wilsonjalabe's picture

La mejor letra del mundo!!! Que bien que grupos como ustedes se preocupen por problemas sociales como el Cáncer......que chevere!!!!