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Welcome To My Life (Official Video)

Welcome To My Life (Official Video)

Average: 5 (18 votes)
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SP WebCrew

© 2005 WMG
Welcome To My Life (video) Album Version audio

© 2005 WMG
Welcome To My Life (video) Album Version...

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on May 1, 2011 - 8:00pm
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© 2005 WMG
Welcome To My Life (video) Album Version audio

Average: 5 (18 votes)


Serena_Smith0908's picture

this is the first song i heard by Simple Plan and now i am in love with them. this song explains my life every word and it is my fsvorite song by them. i love you guys

VickyloveSP's picture

this song says a lot of my, I mean everything you say is what I feel;)

Cristina Netto's picture

Why wasn`t my car there???
Rio de Janeiro can`t wait for you!

Cantya Jezzy's picture

waaawww awesome chuck! young n freshhh!! hehe

Romina Vivot's picture

Best SP song ever!!!!

mbahwan's picture


Charlene's picture

J'adore cette chanson c avec elle que j ai decouvert simple plan elle est exellante elle me motive quand sa va mal.... j'adore :)

The one eyed Jack's picture

First song i hered got me hooked on simpleplan

AnnaM's picture

My favourte song of theres, unfortunetly i only have 2 albums, nither one the one that has this song on it

ilymt's picture

this song i think anyone can relate to or at least i can! everyword every verse is well, welcoming u to my life! ;)

Giulia's picture

This song has much meaning for me! One of the many songs of Simple Plan who helped me in so many dark moments! Thanks!

Pierre in this video is beautiful.. XD

priz azure's picture

SIMPLE PLAN first song I heard and instantly made ??me fall in love with SIMPLE PLAN ..

i love this song ..

Vanouue's picture

Je la connais telement par coeur ! ^^

MarieBBD's picture

La chanson de mon été 2005 =)

Faith case's picture

welcome to my life always saves me

LoOpXy's picture

but hey! they saved us! didnt they?

LoOpXy's picture

who wouldnt relate to these words... we all have felt this way... i think

snyder270's picture

i love this song always have since the first day i heard it

Danger's picture

Pierre is SOOO hot in this clip...and soooo young compared to now!

achile46's picture

I have the same t-shirt that wear Pierre in the video since 2007 and I wear it always today.
Role model is a very good brand. I love this song.

wilsonjalabe's picture

The best song in the world!!!!!

Ericwithak's picture

What a glory day ;D