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Perfect (Official Video)

Perfect (Official Video)

Average: 4.7 (11 votes)
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SP WebCrew

© 2006 WMG
Perfect (Video) Album Version audio

© 2006 WMG
Perfect (Video) Album Version audio

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on April 30, 2011 - 8:00pm
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© 2006 WMG
Perfect (Video) Album Version audio

Average: 4.7 (11 votes)


ArieRifki's picture

this perfect song, and this song is my favorite !!!

simpleplanfangrrrl's picture

I love this song!!!!!! This song would be perfect for me if it said mom instead of dad in the beginning. #lovethissong

JohanisSaputra's picture

wow wow
amazing band amazing song
this band inspiration of my band
we love you Simple Plan
Simple Plan Crew Indonesia

nike's picture

why does perfect always make me cry ?

i love it ♥ :) &nd the lyrics are fit to me :)

RYelJonrySaguidMatamis's picture

i want to be "PERFECT" ^_^

randy_virefox's picture

This song is really perfect.......
and is favorite for me

oldschoolgirl's picture

This is my friend and me's favorite SP song!! Check out our take on it :D

Siri's picture

This song has helped me so many times... I've listened to it turn up as loud as my mobile can!

emmanuelle du 62's picture

aaou in the roof i would like do it too

Jose Hernandez's picture


milene's picture

amoo essa musica

himy1996's picture

yea i love this song!!!

Josyanne Moreyra's picture

Minha musica favorita! ?

Fakhry Husaini's picture

you're not scared of falling off the roof ..? ?

dee_skullgirl's picture

i like this song, simple plan ^_^

Valeria Basuki's picture

perfect!!!!!! >< how awesome !

TheRealAshley's picture

this song is how i feel everyday!!!!!

ilymt's picture

everytime i listen to this song i get chills!

Manue35's picture

La plus belle chanson de l'album ( au moins ! )


I love your music ;)

ulul azmi's picture

This my favorite song.

CaKeBomB's picture

Holly Shit. THIS SONG IS PERFCET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

priz azure's picture

ohw,, very niceeeeee .. this is my favorit song .. :D


Tamy's picture


LoOpXy's picture

they make my life so much easier!!

LoOpXy's picture

quien no se identifica??? es de esas pocas canciones que logran volverse propias..

still_not_get_enough's picture

Thank you sooo much for this song!!! It changed a lot in my life!!! :)
my father only talked to me when I did somethin wrong & he screamed at me a lot...
other wise he was working...there was no space for a girl oO
anyways :) this song cheered up a lot of times :) I know I wasn´t alone!

Thank you so my father and I are closer then we used to be ;)

achile46's picture

Super chanson sur les ados!!

frank_3's picture

perfect song!!!

Tim Santoro's picture

This is by far my favorite Simple Plan song. The meaning of this song just grabs you and makes you relate. Simple Plan, you guys are geniuses for thinking of a song like this because it gives the audience something they could relate to. Ive been a Simple Plan fan all my life and ive been to a whole bunch of concerts. You guys are the greatest band ive ever came to know. "Perfect" is a masterpiece. #1 Fan from NJ!