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Our security detail. A little over the top maybe?? LOL

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Posted by Chuck


AJ Maia's picture

AAALLL of it because teenageners girls? Maybe a little over the top?? Maybe?
Or it was plainning just to your assistent of production Caio dont kill anyone?
well, he was on his edge I have to say hahaha so funny!

Austranadian's picture

glad u guys r safe lol but i would go hate that much security and attention...

spfan4life_8yr's picture

whatever it taks to keep my men safe!

Days's picture

I think you guys need more than that. I've seen how crazy the fans are for you in Brazil ha ha:).

Ciitlaly's picture

Jajajajaja MAYBE

naiimaSP1D's picture

Moi qui croyais que vous aviez pas bsoin de vous faire protéger!! ;)

LeslieA's picture

Au moins, vous reviendrez vivants en France! :D

Justin Henin's picture

je crois qu'il sont assé !!!! =)

lety95astronaut's picture

you´re very important guys!be carefull!you have mad fans!!! (like me)LO.oL!

Jonathan Redaelly's picture

hahaha thats alot lol

IzzieSolis's picture

oh my... those crazy rabid fans...

Adriane Fernandes's picture

Kaat's picture

I like =D

CrazyAboutChuck's picture

On vous veut pas de mal ! :D

Charlie_Percussion's picture

maybe they´re fans... or they just want to be with cool people!

Ana Ferreira_2's picture

Hahaha No, fans are wild. It's just appropriate haha

Vanz znaV's picture

haha.. im willing to be one of them.. voluntarily.. for SP weeee^^

Thata's picture

Hahahahaha :D

Karina Parker's picture

savage boys))
=) Haha

NickGunnar's picture

Who knows those security guards are FANS =.=

James_18's picture

Far out that's pretty cool!

Jess4896's picture

just a bit over the top
but then again you don need to be protected from crazy fans....... including me :)

Sonia's picture

Waouh !!!! Ça risque de brasser :D Essayez de garder tous vos morceaux les gars :D

Masara's picture

Holy shit!

lexie18's picture

Better safe then sorry.

Juliahermesrs's picture

Believe me, you need more here in Brasil... we are crazy for you guys, we want you for us, just that! AEIUHAEIU

Cristina Netto's picture

Just because you're brazilians fans can't keep their hands off you!
Love you girls! So much!
Please, come to Rio de Janeiro!! Cariocas love you!

Stephanie P.'s picture

They have to protect you from the crazy brazilian fans (i'm included)! haha

peggy's picture

en plus ça se trouve il regarde tous un mec qui pisse =)

Veroe Beaulieu's picture

Ouais p-e un peu hahaha :P C'est pas grave au moins vous aller etre bien en sécurité !! ;) (L)