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Posted by Chuck


Debra Desrosiers's picture

You Live In A Bus? *Is Trolling*

Austranadian's picture

well ya know wat they say, home is where the heart is. If thats on the bus thats great... wish i knew where home was

spfan4life_8yr's picture

oh my goodness!!! i totally got waved at by a staff member outta that bus in SF!!!!!! woow!!!

Days's picture

I remember seeing the black bus after the L.A. show:). I love the colors.

Kayla ShaDay's picture

I totally saw this in person :)

Anna_10's picture

Nice ;D

Karina Parker's picture

super =)

Jonathan Redaelly's picture

omg i saw them but i thought it was the other bands. ut i knew it was you guyses

lexie18's picture

I know what you mean...

SimplePlanet's picture

We're all gonna die, so let's get hiiiiigh
pardon, je savais pas quoi dire, à part souvenir souvenir. hum, bref... smouaks

pizonmagda's picture

There`s no place like home :)

Paige_3's picture

nothing better then home sweet home lol

lety95astronaut's picture

cool!!!nice and comfortable :)

klj4e's picture

wanna be there with you guys xoxo

Elisa Toto's picture

:O vous m'invitez? :P

GCSPFAN's picture

When U R in Philly you can come to a real home, my home and have a home cooked meal if you all would like, It is up to you just let me know I can make it happen for you all it is not a problem at all you must all miss that!

blahblahblah's picture

Fancy :P

Sonia's picture

Wow !!! Vous me faites visiter quand ??? :D

Justin Henin's picture

j'aimerai bien voir ses bus devant une salle de concere en belgique !! je viendrai vous voir =)

Justin Henin's picture

a place for me?

Mel's picture

J'adore trop vos bus de tournée !! Ils sont magnifique !! *-*

Lindsey Trimble's picture

There's no place like home..;D

Safino's picture

Nice Home ! :D can I visit you in there? x) Love you

Manye's picture

Can I live with you ? I'm a super cook and I do great massages :D
I love you guys ?

xSPSavedmyfuckinglife's picture

C'est plus confortable chez moi, j'vous invite les gars ;)

Charlie_Percussion's picture

...take me home... country roads...

Looks great!

LowluxSP's picture

sympa votre maison !!!!! =)

CrazyAboutChuck's picture

J'attends de voir votre maison garée devant une salle de concert lyonnaise ...

@DavidAndPierre's picture

home sweet home!

Tássia's picture

I wish i could live in there too lol