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Look at this good looking guy in the latest @framusguitars catalogue!!

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Posted by Seb

-Sebastien. mobile



Roxanne97Blanchette's picture

Hey AMAZING it's seb?!

SPsavedmylife_3's picture

that is amazing! :) totally and purely amazing

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Lynn_SPfan's picture

haha, oh Sebby(: i like your guitar :3 i want it!!! except its the wrong hand for me -_-

spfan4life_8yr's picture

wow, ur such a magnificent creature

Days's picture

That's a great pic of you Seb! That's such a beautiful guitar.

EmilijaSz's picture

ou,who is this good looking guy?? ;))))) Seb you're the best!

Nadja O.'s picture

hehe I like this guy!!! I'm sorry..this "good looking" guy..;)in a! it! :)

ClaireHeavenly's picture

You're SO humble ;)

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AlienLefebvre's picture

n____n REALLY HOT! *_*

lety95astronaut's picture

ñam,ñam............... sexy*.*!nice guitar ^.^

Danica's picture

LOL..hey seb its' you!WHEN'S THE NEXT WEBCHAT!?!

Elise_91's picture

trop la classe! super photo!

emo tope's picture

nice!!! elle est tellement belle!

JustinP.'s picture

What guitar is that!

naiimaSP1D's picture

You've got the style!!

marshmallow's picture

thats it! :D

Laís Russo's picture

Awesome!! Seb always have good looking! =D

MarlySP's picture

they misspelled ur name bro

CrazyAboutChuck's picture

classsssse !!! :D ?

prmr_ana_sp's picture

awesome! i like this guy too!

lexie18's picture

Can I have his number ;)

Patyto_SP's picture

love it!

MaxSewyer's picture

He is good looking! I feel like I've seen him before.. Anyways congratulations! It's not everyday you find a good looking guy in a magazine ;)

Diego Guzman's picture

i want one!

IzzieSolis's picture

Oh,he is good looking! Dude, I swear i've seen this guy before... somewhere...?

cyclothymie's picture

Je préfère la grise-noire que tu as, avec ton autocollant de robot dessus ! Tu me la donnes ? :D

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