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We have amazing fans in Prague!!! Thank you!

We have amazing fans in Prague!!! Thank you!
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Posted by Pierre
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petulka.sp's picture

? We love you guys... Czech fans are the best fans, trust me! :) ?

Alenka's picture

Thank you for giving this pic here! I waites for it! :-) Amazing photo - Love it. And thank you for being so nice to us :-) Love you more than ever! (I didn't think that it is even possible) :-). See you on your next show in Prague :-) Can't wait.... It's not goodbye it's see you later!

Evka's picture

Thank YOU for such an amazing show! Btw. the photo is pretty cool :D

IzzieSolis's picture

I am loving Seb's guitar :D its sick!

MichelleCZ's picture

thank you guys, i love you

LeslieA's picture

Ca devait être quelque chose! Vous êtes trop fort :D

Sophiesue's picture

Awesome crowd ;D

YourDarling's picture

You were amazing! :) It was great show guys. I love you! :) :*

kasiax1x's picture

I can see myself as well :D:D

LowluxSP's picture

Elle est magnifique cette photo !

J'adore vous êtes tous beau

hanna13's picture

I can see myself!!

Baří's picture

It was the best show ever :) Thanks...!

seb-astronaut's picture

wow, this is amazing! love that pic! *-*

swissgirl90's picture

this pic is amazing!!

Apolline gr.'s picture

photo juste sublime!!

Jane_3's picture


mimesonic's picture

Seb love the sticker on your gutair :) awsome pic

SuperTammy's picture

I love pierre's smile :'D
I'm still sooooooo down because the concert on 29 August was cancelled..

Manye's picture

Wow, there's a lot of signs :)
Little robot on Seb's guitar is so adorable :D
Pierre, your smile is really one of the cutest :)
You rock guys ?

Makina2233's picture

It's totally awesome !! I Love you guys ?

angie_4's picture

I dont know who brought poster SLOVAKIA but guys I will send you 1000 kisses:) Thank you :) It looked awesome from balcony:)

CrazyAboutChuck's picture

C'est génial ! Les astronauts sont les meilleurs !! :D Merci simple plan !

Kamusa's picture

Awesome! Great show, thank you guys! :))

SPAstronaut_2's picture

I absolutely LOVE this picture. it's amazing, and you really deserve it!

magdaxpl's picture

And Poland with signs "SOS"...? :(

adela.gontier's picture

Awesome show! Hope to see u asap :))

Sonia's picture

Wow belle photo,vraiment !!!! Vous semblez tellement heureux !!!

Patyto_SP's picture

awesome!! ??

Princess_SP_'s picture

Thank you for an amazing concert... ;))

Niki_Xx's picture

yeaaah! Thats us! Cant wait for you to come back! .)