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A children book with us in it. Thanks to @addicted_to_music for brigning it!

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Posted by Seb

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I love their jumping! great idea

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haha what are those!!..

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Je le veuuuux :)

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i want this book!!! thats awesome!!

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LOL :D thats amazing!! :D

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Ça c'est drôle! Je voudrais bien avoir ce livre!

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That's so awesome!!!!!!!

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Cer ben huut :O :O !!!

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that is soo coool!!

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Eu quero este livro *--*

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i want my children to grow up with this as favourite book :D

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ça tue!! :D

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cool! *.*!

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OLIVIA FORMS A BAND is the name of the book :D

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Whaat! That is so kool!

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this is adorable.

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This is the proof : Everyone loves you : young people , old people and even teachers !! =P

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I have to get it for my child ! ... When he will be born ... lol
That's so cool guys :)
You're gonna rule the World :D ?

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Yeah it was me who brought the book :) Funny that I'm from Germany but got it in America and noone of the guys knew they are in it.
For everyone asking...the book is called Olivia Forms A Band.
You're welcome. ;)

The show yesterday in Frankfurt was fucking epic!! Extreeeeemly sweaty and sexy!! :D
Huge thanks to Jeff for making it happen!!!

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WOW that's beyond awesome. I needa get that book now!

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MDR :)

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Sexy xoxo

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nice ;)

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Ahah great!

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awesome! =D