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Chuck Thanks the Crowd

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Posted by Amanderz


MayraLefebvre's picture

Awesome!!! :D

Ale_5's picture

Amazing pic! Chuck, you are awesome!!! ^^ I love youuuuuu

Laly ♥'s picture

Waaah... O_O It's amazing... I love this! You're so great Chuck!

Steffi_SP_11092011's picture

Is this Frankfurt? I remeber the t-shirt and DJ FUNKY C! :D

shrutik25's picture

u guys r really amazing!!!!!

Fer_SP's picture

?.? WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!! U R THE BEST CHUCK!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U!!!!!!!!! =D ?

Chriselle♥'ssimpleplan's picture

nice drum!!!!

mimesonic's picture

I don't know why but I've always wanted to be a drummer... :)

heheheheyyhereisSUE's picture

the world belongs to you :D

peggy's picture

tro belle photo de chuck =)
je t'adore chuck !!!!!!

NayeliiSP's picture

I Love Chuck Comau!!!!! :D

Days's picture

Great pic of Chuck!

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lexie18's picture

Go Chuck!

karo0_SP's picture

I love you :)

FlaviettaSP's picture

I think this one has been taken in Bologna! i was there!! unforgettable!!

VickyComeau's picture

Amazing :)

Austranadian's picture

i love love love love love your drums chuck!! oh and how could i forget the sweaty drummer?? yes thats right chuck. i can see it on your face your like OMG I WANNA PASS OUT

Mandy Mayer's picture

Uuhh ... so beautiful!!!

Manye's picture

In Chuck's mind : "Venerate me ! I'm the drummer God." ;)
Beautiful pic ?

Julia_10's picture

So inspired!

Kaat's picture

Best Drummer Of The World

emma_09's picture

WOW! What an awesome pic- Chuck looks god-like! :)

Delilah's picture

Whoa! Awsome! :)

Casich SP's picture

whoa! I think this pic's from Bologna.. YEAH!

klj4e's picture

Oh my god!!! I love red :D
and chuck too!

Nads_SP's picture

That's my Charles

Thnx4allChuck's picture

definitely this picture becomes to my favorites one!

CrisleaneTp's picture

Muito boa ... Perfeita ... lindo *--*

meestang's picture

Like a boss.