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Seb singing his heart out!

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Posted by Amanderz


Jordana's picture

O mais lindo de todos!!
Sébastien Lefebvre eu amoo você!!

Lune's picture

It's funny: all the people think they know where was taken this photo, but nobody say the same place!

mimesonic's picture

cool gutair :)

Days's picture

This is a cool pic of Seb and I love all the decorations on the wall!

Thata's picture

Awesome !! :D ;))

lexie18's picture

I love your guitar :)

FlaviettaSP's picture

i think this was taken in Bologna too !

Austranadian's picture

i love love love love love the robot on your guitar!!

Mandy Mayer's picture

Beautiful!!! =)

Manye's picture

Sebby sings :D ?

Kay_Olina's picture

OH YES! Poland! I remeber this T-shirt xD

Dakota_Q's picture

like it

adela.gontier's picture

Perfect show in Prague!!! Hope to see u again asap ;)

Johca9's picture

That was surely in Prague! I was there! Love you SEB!!! :)

Casich SP's picture

I was in front of him! :D

CrisleaneTp's picture

Lindo .... S2

lety95astronaut's picture

^^ i love u seb!

Kelly_7's picture

Looking good as usual Sebastian

Lovesimpleplan_4's picture

Ohh awesome! :D

Judith-love-SP's picture

Haha, j'aime le titre de la photo!! Et la photo, bien sur!!

LowluxSP's picture