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David Prepares to Rock out on Stage

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Posted by Amanderz


Laurianne Lépine's picture

David t'es vrm trop sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :) xxxxx Je t'aime!!!!!! xxxxx :D :)

Mimie Desrosiers Fan's picture

He's Perfect!! As Always

Chey Goodwin's picture

:) Sigh,

Flávia.'s picture

David you're still gorgeous even without the piersings !!! Ilove you so muth !!! U and Chuck are beautiful. I'll be your fan forever !!!!

12_Nikki_8's picture

I really like it acoustic guitar ??? :))

nooe_SP's picture

I?U! :)

Laly ♥'s picture

David you're beautifuuuuuuuuul!
I ? U ;)
It's also cute in French: JE T'ADOOOOOOOOOOOORE !
You're juste the best!
Let's rock!

nina_2's picture

who is david's gf?

Ana Paula_2's picture

He seems bored.

heheheheyyhereisSUE's picture

aww how cute

leian's picture

david really look good...haha..david you're so cute... i really like it...hahaha..
he is still rocking,,...

Days's picture

David looks tired:(.

IzzieSolis's picture

This picture makes me want to hug him... maybe you should have slept more last night? :/

waty desrosier's picture

I know what U feel.......... But LET'S ROCK SWEETY

MagdaCardoso's picture

You're so cute!

princess_Sp's picture


Doux Desrosiers's picture

i think that's the right moment when you need someone who gives you a good massage at the back, right? Just relax (deep breath) & go to kick some asses at the shows. I'm proud of you cuz you're my Bass Hero!! ^^
P.S. I am a very good massager.. haha just saying!! xoxo

karo0_SP's picture

onn, tes trop cute je t'aime XxXxXx

Florencia Desrosiers's picture

a bass player with all the letters, do not you think? I love no doubt: D

Karina Parker's picture

I had the same guitar)), but certainly another company)

Manchyna's picture

sooo look like you´re gonna fall asleep..or like you really need a hug
Love´re gonna make it..I have faith in you...xDDDD

Karina Parker's picture

Sweet baby))

Austranadian's picture

ohh poor david. it looks like you're going to throw up. or fall asleep, one or the other

Cristina Desrosiers's picture

David, I LOVE YOU!!!

Manye's picture

Go to sleep David ! You look so tired sweetie :(
Sending you a lot of love ?

LauOfficial's picture

My hero.

Julia_10's picture

You look upset....when I look at this picture I get a feeling to come and hug you)

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klj4e's picture

You look tired ;(

Eleanor Bruner's picture

love this pic, but you look like you need more sleep.