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Pierre & Chuck Always Checking

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Posted by Amanderz


Thata's picture

I love pierre & chuck shoes! It's cool!!! :D

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flori82's picture

What's wrong? Chucks face is telling, that something's wrong... :D

Lara P.'s picture

Pierre's tatoo *-*

CaKeBomB's picture

:* cutee

Laura C's picture

Oh my gosh they're so cute

carina_bouvier's picture

chuck looks very confused... pierre looks like always sexy and hot !!!

mimesonic's picture

Wow chucks looks really confused.

swissgirl90's picture

I love that pic. You guys are awesome!!

martha91's picture

are great, I love them, I hope you can come to Mexico later, kisses

crisden joy's picture

SP When will you go to philippines???????????
we've been waiting for you......................

karo0_SP's picture

haha chuck sa va? vous êtes super beaux j'vous aimes :)

FlaviettaSP's picture

i think this pic is from Bologna too! i recognize the backstage! so are the previous ones! :)))

Austranadian's picture

you're making that sound bad... are both those ipods chuck's?? i wouldn't be surprised it they were!!

Manye's picture

Oh God ! I LOVE Chuck's face ! Haha
"WiFi zone" lol
There's a wastebasket just next to you and a muffin paper on the floor ... You're bad boys ;D
Are you gay Chuck ? Like Pierre is. 'Cause with your legs crossed ... x)
Maybe Pierre and you are dating uh ? lol
I'm kidding ;)
And ... What the hell are you doing with so much Apple stuff ?
Love you guys ?

sp anime's picture

theres a paper with thier name on it behind them O.O what could it say?

Kaydie.'s picture

you love apple, don't you? :D
two iPod's (just the same ones?!) and a mac, chuck's iPhone somewhere..

leungfadesrosiers's picture

Chuck has got long legs:D

SPAstronaut_2's picture

I like the tattoo on Pierre's leg :D and I definitly LOVE this picture !

Fernanda_6's picture

Chuck's face LOL

marjo432's picture

la tête de Chuck!! Hyper concentré! ;)

Lara. ♥'s picture

Oh ils sont beau tout les deux. :)

Delilah's picture

Haha! :D

DontGiveADamn's picture

I think they were on Twitter xD

Cecililisen's picture

Chuck, with your legs crossed like that, you look very feminine...
But remember your health, guys, good luck on future shows!! :D

rocklefebvre's picture

I'M SORRY if you have a macbook and two super ipods! u.u
the only thing I have is a fucked ipod nano. hehe :p

klj4e's picture

Pierre, I just notice your tattoo on your lower leg ;\

Nads_SP's picture

Hahaha do you get it now Chuck? ;)

Thnx4allChuck's picture

It seems that Pierre was teaching something to Chuck ^^

Kelly_7's picture

What's up with the expression Chuck. Pierre I never knew you had a tattoo on your leg